Time to think…..

November 22, 2007

Now at the risk of getting me head in me hand, and admitting right up front that I’m not the world’s football2.gifbiggest or most avid football fan…. isn’t it time…. given the state of play…. to think about…. maybe…. changing the structure of the international football team set up? (duck duck.. find cover.. )

Let me explain before you all rush to lynch me!

  • England is out of the European Championships – after a dismal performance under less than talented leadership;
  • Scotland is out of the European Championships – after a roller coaster ride of thrilling highs and miserable lows;
  • Wales is out of the European Championship – without firing a serious shot in anger;
  • The Republic of Ireland is out of the European Championships -after some of the most lack luster displays in recent memory;
  • Northern Ireland is out of the European Championships – after some fabulous goal scoring and gut driven performances almost made up for the initial team disorganisation;

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Irish Rugby…. come on lads!

September 16, 2007

Ireland 14: Georgia 10

Oh dear … and what a display. Stuck in my armchair I regretted the decision not to watch this match in the nearest pub! I was in bad need of a pint to calm my nerves as the Georgians went ahead after scoring their first ever try in the World Cup. Boy…. those guys really threw everything they had at the Irish. And the lads looked rugbyball.gifcompletely lost. Brian O’Driscoll looked totally shell-shocked as wave upon wave of Georgians, most from French second division rugby clubs, battered the Irish defence unmercifully. The Georgian players seemed to be operating on some high octane fuel that the Irish lads didn’t have access to.

By the time the referee blew the whistle for full-time I was almost as exhausted as the Irish team looked after a magnificent display of defence. Eddie O’Sullivan did a great job keeping his calm in the upper reaches of the stands but god only knows how he must have been feeling.

So… what happened? What has gone wrong? Can the Irish team rally in time to meet France and Argentina?

Gulp……. I’m off to book a seat in the pub for the next match anyway!