BBC News – Dubai kissing couple appeal fails

April 4, 2010

Now.. I’m all for decency and good manners but this makes me think we are all NUTS for supporting DUBAI tourism!

I mean why go to a place where a peck on the cheek – or, as alleged on the evidence of a two year old, a kiss on the lips – gets you sent to jail?

BBC News – Dubai kissing couple appeal fails.

“The initial complaint against them was made by a 38-year-old woman who said she was offended by their behaviour at the Jumeirah Beach Residence, where she was dining with her daughter.

The couple’s defence lawyers said the woman – who did not appear in court – had not seen the kiss herself, but had been told by her two-year-old child that the girl had seen the couple kissing.”

Anyone going to DUBAI for a holiday needs their heads examined! Especially when knowing exactly what breaks the law is so difficult. An expert on Islamic law told the BBC:-

“Professor Strawson said the Dubai authorities often turned a blind eye to foreigners’ behaviour, because of the high income that comes from tourists.

But he said Dubai had recently issued new explanations tightening up their laws.”

If it takes an expert lawyer in an obscure religious law to know what is legal and what is illegal and that is coupled with a laxness in the application of the law at the whim of passing policemen.. then what chance has an ordinary tourist of knowing the boundaries?

I suggest that we’d maybe be better off in wet old Ireland than frying in some DUBAI jail.

And if you think that might be easy time.. check out this account by  HAMPSHIRE businessman George Atkinson!

“Every day is a living hell,” said Mr Atkinson.

“I am in a cell with four others. There are two double bunk beds just centimetres apart, pushed right up against the cell door. There are only 122 beds in my block to accommodate 246 men.

So.. caution if you go!


City of Derry Golf Club -stunning!

January 31, 2009

So there I was … just ambling the old railway line walk between the River Foyle and the Letterkenny Road in Derry .. when I snapped this wee picture:-


City of Derry Golf Club - the clubhouse.

The photo was taken on a fabulously frosty day and  highlights the stunning setting enjoyed by the City of Derry Golf Club. The lucky members of the club are blessed with spectacular views of the full sweep of the River Foyle from several of the tees. They putt on greens with a backdrop of the sun glinting off the Foyle and to the sound of wild bird song.

A true pleasure to play any day because of the fabulous views but …. I’m not sure too many members realise just how much their course enhances the landscape it inhabits. Viewed from across the river the course just calls to visitors, “Play me, play me! And if you can’t play golf.. it is time to learn!”

This lovely walk by the river now forms part of the National Cycling network. As a walk it has everything you need – the beautiful river, fabulous birdlife, peaceful atmosphere…. what more could anyone ask for? Apart, that is, from a decent golf swing to tackle that jewel on the hill across the river?

Derry to Coleraine Railway Link Unsafe?

October 19, 2007

The Derry Journal today is reporting that the rail link between Coleraine and Derry is unsafe and that passengers lives are risk. A section of the Derry to Coleraine railway line showing speed limit.Eamonn McCann has told “Into the West” committee members that speed limits have been imposed along the line. The Journal quotes him as saying:-

“There is only one reason these limits are there and that is for safety. There are speed restrictions as low as 10 miles per hour; there are restrictions of 20, 30 and 40 mph right along the track. If a train – and these new trains have a cruising speed of 70 mph – travelled any faster, it could be very dangerous indeed.

“Is it going to take a derailment, is it going to take deaths before Translink and the Department realise this is a serious situation and spend money on improvements?”

Apparently £60 million will need to be spent to bring the link up to scratch.

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I know a wee spot…….

September 5, 2007

Lucky enough to take a little stroll the other day through a woodland walk just outside Derry. As the DOE guide to Ness Wood says:-

“Ness Wood Country Park comprises 50 hectares of mixed woodland known as Ness, Ervey and Tamnymore, in the sheltered Burntollet Valley. The main feature of the Park is a spectacular waterfall (the highest in the province), from which the Park derives its name, based on the Irish “an las” or Ness meaning waterfall. After the last ice age, ten thousand years ago, the old Burntollet River course was choked by glacial boulder clay deposits. In eroding a new channel through the underlying metamorphic schist rocks, the river has created the magnificient waterfall, gorges, potholes and rapids which are a feature of Ness Wood today.”

Now I couldn’t put it better meself – so I haven’t! I’ll content myself with posting one wee picture instead:-


Well…. maybe the place is soooooo nice I’m tempted to show off some of my other shots. “Ah… go on go on go,” I hear you say. So… I will!

How’s this:-


What with the September mild weather and a wee bit of run in the Burntollet River it makes for a really nice spot for a stroll. You’ll travel many a mile before seeing a place as nice. It’s one of those places that Northern Ireland does so well. Under-stated and under-rated but purely magical for the soul.

You should try it…. 🙂

PS: Oh.. I wonder where else is worth an Autumn visit? Any suggestions?

Eating Out: The Horseshoe Bar, Enniskillen

July 3, 2007

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Sometimes, just sometimes, in my role as designated family taxi I get the opportunity to visit parts of Northern Ireland that I love but see way too seldom! One of those places is Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh. horseshoe_front.jpgI just love that wee town. The folks are so friendly that it is a joy for the visitor. On my latest trip I had too lucky encounters worthy of reporting on any internet site. So here goes…

The first was a visit to the local library where a real gentleman of a librarian managed to solve my computer access log-on problems by renewing my very-out-of-date library card! So I was able to spend a pleasant thirty minutes checking on various websites at the very best cost of all…. £0-00!

Thanks mate for your help and assistance. I wasn’t aware I could use my library card to gain free internet acces across the Western Education and Library Board area. I hope this item publicices this a little! Why have all those computers idle when their is free access. The Enniskillen Library’s suite was being well used and I think helpful librarian are responsible for that!

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The visitor to our shores.

June 3, 2007

I’m frequently astounded by the many visitors I see strolling around Northern Ireland. Of course we have the student type lugging massive backpacks while searching for the legendary lost hostel where the craic is 90, the beer is cheap and the women/fellas are worth meeting. Having searched throughout the uncivilised world they have eventually washed unto the shores of Ireland in a vain attempt to find that holy grail.

NI Tourist Board

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