4 Candles… is this the funniest sketch ever?

September 16, 2007

Every time I see this sketch it just cracks me up!

Is it the best comedy sketch ever written? Ronny Barker and Ronny Corbett with the famous 4 Candles Sketch.

Go on then… name me a better one!!


Oh… oh… what do you think?

Let’s have a vote!

Is Ronnie Barker’s and Ronnie Corbett’s “4 Candles” the best EVER comedy sketch?

1) YES

2) NO

3) Don’t care

Make your own poll

and that will settle the debate!


Big Brother (UK Channel 4) – the alternative.

August 9, 2007

With my television hijacked over the past few weeks by a Big Brother faddie I have had more than the desired opportunity bb.jpgto form an opinion of this driveling television tosh.

Yip… it is the full package – complete driveling television tosh!

This is television at its worst. It does absolutely nothing for the mind, the soul or the body. In terms of a television highlight it is a 0.00000000000001 watt bulb lit behind a very thick curtain. In fact, it is sooooo bad that I’ve begun to compile a list of things I’d rather do than watch Big Brother and I invite you to add to the list. Please….. let’s help others find alternatives to watching this nonsense.

Ten things I’d rather do than watch Channel 4’s Big Brother:

1.Visit the dentist for root canal work.

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