It had to happen….chipping kids!

November 25, 2007

So we waited around and sure enough someone came up with the idea and even worse someone else agreed it was a good notion and found the money to back it. Yip….. they have chipped children. Now… not the children themselves – yet – but their clothes. This tale of woe carried by the BBC is worrying:- BBC NEWS | Education | Concern at pupil data microchips

Basically someone has stitched a microchip into some kids clothes so that teacher can pick up academic information about the kids as they enter a room. It says:-

A secondary school in Doncaster has been trying out a scheme where pupils’ records are stored on a microchip embedded in their school uniform.The device enables teachers to call up information about pupils, such as their attainment, as they enter a classroom.

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Seagate Closure

October 29, 2007

The worrying rumours of the impending closure of Seagate’s plant at Limavady, County Londonderry, have proven well founded. When workers were sent home on Saturday and told to assemble at the plant to-day(Monday) for an important announcement, everybody feared the worst.


The BBC have the story here – More than 900 computer jobs to go. They say:-

More than 900 jobs are to be lost in County Londonderry with the closure of the Seagate plant which makes components for hard disc drives.

Staff were given the news at a meeting in the company’s Limavady plant on Monday.

The American company has had a base in Limavady for the last decade.

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