Wiped Out – Skint?

October 10, 2007

So.. I’ve been talking to a lass tonight about money – hard subject I know but let’s stick with it for a moment.

Here’s the argument she made in a nutshell:-
money1.jpg 1. I’m young.
2. I’m skint.
3. I’m working as HARD as I can and getting absolutely no-where.
“So what?” I hear you ask, “I was the same when I was a student….”

But, for a moment, can you forget the old arguments that you have used on your weans at university. Basically every week you argue with them that:-

  • they drink too much;
  • they don’t study enough;
  • why the f**k are they’re going to Rome/Rhodes/Dublin/Boston etc etc for a week when they have work to do?
  • etc..etc

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