Smuggling, Death and Taxes

January 24, 2008

Benjamin Franklyn said, “In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes.” And I’d have to agree but I’d add something…… smuggling! As soon as something is taxed highly in one place and yet is freely available in another there will always emerge a criminal class to exploit the situation. cigs.gifFrom Africa they smuggle highly vulnerable people to Europe, from France they smuggle exploitable workers to the United Kingdom, guns and rockets and bullets are smuggled through tunnels into occupied Palastine… all over the world the talented smuggler is in high demand.

And then ….we have the Northern Irish version of the smuggler!

He smuggles ciggies… as this story from the Derry Journal reports:- Derry man jailed for smuggling cigs. The full story demands a five minute read but here’s a flavour to get you going! Read the rest of this entry »


Smoking daughter ‘hit with brush’

November 1, 2007

This BBC story is fascinating – Smoking daughter ‘hit with brush. I think I can understand, in this justice.gifcase, where the parent was coming from when he decided to thump his daughter with a brush shaft. Now.. at first hearing the immediate reaction is to say that the dad overstepped the mark. I mean, come on, taking a brush shaft to a child is way outa line, isn’t it?

But then you read on to discover that the guy has the lung disease emphysema. So I suppose he maybe saw his daughter throwing her lungs away and well … I suppose he saw red. Losing the head is no way to convince a kid not to smoke but, on a human level, you have to understand the frustration he must have felt.

In the end Resident Magistrate Barney McElholme sentenced the man to a month in jail , suspended for a year. Hopefully, they guy won’t go to jail, the daughter will stop smoking and they’ll get back to playing happy families.

What do you think?

Is it ever right to physically punish a child at all? Did Barney do a King Solomon here?