The Little Urban Park that Could…. 2

December 11, 2007

“… be sooo good!”

Regular readers of Talk Northern Ireland will be well aware that the weary editor is accustomed to taking the air with a stroll around the old estate. In the past this activity has been known to stir the creative juices, get the typing finger working again and generally led to a vague feeling of well-being. Regular readers will also know that, my ancestors having fallen on somewhat hard times when the English invaded Ireland a wee while back, my estate is somewhat…ah.. how shall I put it now… curtailed? So when I tire of trekking to the bottom of my small garden I venture out Read the rest of this entry »


Road Deaths

December 3, 2007

Northern Ireland is reeling to day from a black weekend on the roads as six people die in four different road accidents. This BBC report – Six die in carnage on NI roads – has all the details as they are presently know but it cars.gifcannot convey the pain of those families left without loved ones. The latest deaths bring the number of people killed on Northern Ireland’s roads this year to a total of 97.

The toll of deaths and serious injuries continues to grow on our roads. Our thoughts are obviously with the latest victims in this continuing tragedy but we have to ask: Read the rest of this entry »