The Little Urban Park that Could….

September 25, 2007

“…be so good.”

That is the finishing phrase of this posting’s title. Right about now you’re wondering all the right questions:

  • Where’s the urban park?
  • What could it be good at?
  • Does it need help to be good?
  • Who can provide the help?

See.. you catch on quick! That is why this site is sooooooo good!

The park runs as a swathe of green relief along the various housing estates between Glengalliagh Road and Lenamore Road in Derry. (For those who want to find the walk I have marked it in RED on the map here.)

It’s a simple wee lighted undulating path that links those roads and the estates but it is lovely because you can see the Donegal hills in the distance and… and… it’s just far enough away from things that the traffic on the Buncrana Road is reduced to just a mild murmur instead of an annoying roar.

And the local folk are a friendly bunch. Always with a ready wave and a friendly, “Yes, Mucker.” Altogether, a walk there is a pleasant way to pass a half hour on any day in our modern urban sprawl.

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Flooded…. Northern Ireland?

June 12, 2007

Well ….the summer came to a thunderous end to-day, didn’t it, with the extensive flooding in many parts of Northern Ireland. I’ve just spent a concerned 70 minutes as the storm rolled over my part of our little green country and I count myself darned lucky that the drains held up to the onslaught. My sympathies are with those less fortunate.


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