Glasgow Airport Attack

July 3, 2007

My heart goes out to those people who were caught up in that horrific attack on Glasgow airport. Everyone had a very lucky escape. We can all thank whoever our god is for that.

glasgow3.jpgNow we have to avoid some of the more horrific responses to the attack. Let’s not assume that every Muslim agrees with the attacks – most do not. Let’s not assume that every Iraqi living in the British Isles agrees with the attack – most will not. Let’s not treat all Arab looking individuals as dangerous – most are not.

Let’s ask ourselves how we would react if our families were being shot and blown up every day? And if we witnessed it every night spread across our television screens, how frustrated would we quickly become at our inability to do anything? Might we be angry enough to turn to violence? The Northern Ireland experience Read the rest of this entry »


Come on… we don’t need this.

June 29, 2007

Annoyed, appalled, shocked… by this story on the Northern Ireland BBC: ‘Racist abuse’ forces woman out. Why am I all these things? You see, I figure we have this reputation for being a welcoming people and here we have a few thugs spoiling a hard earned plus trait for the Irish. We need all the positive traits emphasised that we can get in Northern Ireland.

Please read the full story but a quote might get you stop.jpgstarted so here goes:-

“A south Belfast woman has claimed that racist thugs have forced her from her home. Sadhu – originally from the mountainous Himalayan region in Asia – has lived in the Ormeau Road area for 30 years.

She told BBC NI’s Nolan Show that the home she shares with her children and 80-year-old mother has been targeted by racists for three years. Sadhu said six days ago an acid bomb was thrown at the house and three days ago a gang tried to kick in her front door.

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