Ok..ok… what is it that annoys you?

October 27, 2007

I’ve just been attacked by someone who says they don’t know where to say what it is that annoys them.

Well here ye are then…… go for itgive it liltee….let it rip.. get it off your chest.. we’re all listening now..so…


Now don’t hold back ‘cos it’s us. You tell it like it is, ok?

Note.. the only article on talkni.org. without a picture. Baton down the hatches! I didn’t start this…..


Pet hates…1!

August 1, 2007

So this item is likely to grow…hence the 1!!

Just come back from a quick visit to grab an essential item from one of the numerous “forecourt emporiums” (garage shops to you and me!) where everyone and his auntie seems to be shopping nowadays. And they do a fine job but I must admit to sorta missing the old corner shop where everything needed at a moment’s notice could be found by a friendly dusty old git who didn’t speak and reeked of stale pipe smoke. But that is taking me off track so….. back to me story.

trolley2.jpgOn this quick trip I came across my pet hate – number one on my list of things that make me pull out the little hair I have left the forgetful shopper. Now I’m not talking about some poor guy who can’t remember what he came in for so he wanders around the place looking lost and doing a passable impression of one of the 4400. I just feel sorry for such mirror images of myself! No I’m talking about the serial forgetful shopper….. you know the one I mean. Let me help you remember… Just as you are almost at the counter she – it’s always a she – jumps in with her arms full of 10 pieces of junk ranging from sweeties for the crying wean to wee buns for the husband and mother-in-law trapped at home. Being half mannerly you say nothing about the blatant queue jumping opting instead to quietly hope she breaks a leg on the way out of the shop. But then it starts……… Read the rest of this entry »