Lost pension rescue scheme boosted

December 17, 2007

What a piece of GOOD news for all the people whose lives have been blighted by this terrible pension scandal. The good news comes in this Reuters report (Lost pension rescue scheme boosted ) of a government announcement to-day (Monday December 17th)

The Reuters report says:-Peter Hain - from Peterhain.org

The government announced more help on Monday for 141,000 people who lost their pensions when their company schemes were wound up.

Work and Pensions Secretary Peter Hain said a state-backed fund will be boosted by 935 million pounds to guarantee 90 percent of the value of the pensions.

Hain said the improvements represent “a generous and appropriate final settlement” for workers who had lost their pensions through no fault of their own.

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Wiped Out – Skint?

October 10, 2007

So.. I’ve been talking to a lass tonight about money – hard subject I know but let’s stick with it for a moment.

Here’s the argument she made in a nutshell:-
money1.jpg 1. I’m young.
2. I’m skint.
3. I’m working as HARD as I can and getting absolutely no-where.
“So what?” I hear you ask, “I was the same when I was a student….”

But, for a moment, can you forget the old arguments that you have used on your weans at university. Basically every week you argue with them that:-

  • they drink too much;
  • they don’t study enough;
  • why the f**k are they’re going to Rome/Rhodes/Dublin/Boston etc etc for a week when they have work to do?
  • etc..etc

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