Some women are worth keeping an eye on… if you have one!

July 4, 2007

Just loved this story on Reuters….. Blinded by love, HK man stabbed in eye by girlfriend. Now go have a wee chopsticks2.jpglook at it – but not if you are at all squeamish! Ouch… it’s so good I have to post it here as well!

A Hong Kong woman who blinded her boyfriend in one eye in a fight six years ago has been jailed for jabbing a chopstick into his other eye, a newspaper reported on Wednesday. Last November, Po Shiu-fong, 58, accused long-time boyfriend Kwok Wai-ming, 49, of having an affair, the South China Morning Post reported.

During the row, Po stabbed a plastic chopstick into his left eye, which she had already blinded six years ago when she poked it with her finger. “Po became hysterical when she saw the wound and mopped it with a towel. The pair then went to bed,” the paper said.

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Oooops.. sorry luv!

June 28, 2007

Just loved this item from Reuters: Man’s headache mystery solved by a bullet

The report says:-

bullet.jpg“A Florida man awoke with a severe headache and asked his wife to drive him to a hospital, where doctors found a bullet lodged behind his right ear, sheriff’s deputies said.

“The nurse looked at him and said, ‘It appears that you’ve been shot,'” the Fort Pierce Tribune quoted St. Lucie County Sheriff Ken Mascara as saying. “And he said, ‘No way.'”

The wife, April Moylan, fled the emergency room when the bullet was discovered but later told deputies she had accidentally shot her husband as he slept early on Tuesday. She was jailed on a weapons violation charge while deputies pursued additional charges.

The husband, 45-year-old Michael Moylan, woke up with a head pain so severe he suspected he was having an aneurysm and asked his wife to take him to the emergency room, deputies said.”

Now… that is one lucky fella. If he’d taught her to shoot better….. πŸ™‚

If she’d been using dum-dums, instead of being just dumb……., he’d have been in bother!

Oooooppppss..I feel a spate of very poor taste puns coming on…… πŸ˜‰