Hospitals to reduce visitor hours

December 7, 2007

At last…. a modicum of sense in a hospital initiative! A bright spark has figured out that the more altnagelvin1.jpgpeople you have traipsing through an area then the more opportunities there are to import and spread infection.

The BBC in this story – BBC NEWS | Northern Ireland | Hospitals to reduce visitor hours – reports on the Southern Health Board trial:-

“Acute hospitals in the Southern Health Trust are to reduce visiting hours in a bid to reduce infection.

Health Minister Michael McGimpsey launched the initiative at Craigavon Area Hospital on Friday. Newry’s Daisy Hill Hospital will also be affected.

The number of visitors admitted to see each patient is also to be restricted.

The trust hopes the policy will reduce the number of infections, especially those caused by so-called superbugs like MRSA and C-Difficile.

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Beaten up and can’t see a doctor? – Where are we going wrong?

October 24, 2007

I’ve just discovered that a friend was beaten up in Derry between 1am and 1.30am on Sunday morning. Standing, minding his own business he was attacked by 5 thugs who just happened to be passing by. A random assault by mindless morons.

altnagelvin.jpgDid he challenge them in anyway? Did he cause them to attack him? No. He was just phoning a taxi when he was set upon by this bunch of thugs. Just one of those things that happen in Derry and every other town in Northern Ireland on a typical Sunday night.

But there is more… the weak of stomach ought to turn away here… he tried to get away but was pursued and beaten to the ground by the thugs. His life was probably saved by a taxi driver who phoned the PSNI. The thugs did a runner and when the PSNI found the lad unconscious they brought him to Altnagelvin Hospital at around 1.45am.

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