City of Derry Golf Club in the snow.

February 6, 2009

Sometimes it’s difficult to golf but still worth looking at a golf green! The snow may have closed the course for golf but  it’s still a fabulous place to visit!

The 18th at City of Derry Golf Club

The 18th at City of Derry Golf Club

And this wee shot of the 18th at City of Derry Golf Club  dusted with snow sorta makes you want to grab a putter and try out the green!

Red flag on a snowy 18th green at City of Derry Golf Club

Red flag on a snowy 18th green at City of Derry Golf Club


Rory McIlroy’s wins in Dubai

February 2, 2009

Well.. my heart nearly stopped a couple of times as the 19 year old golfing sensation that is Rory McIlroy eventually staggered over the winning line in Dubai! Rory had every golfing nut in Northern Ireland holding their breath as he faltered over the last few holes by dropping three shots in only three holes as the experienced Justin Rose closed in. The six shot lead that McIlroy had built up had seemed a such comfortable cushion. But golf is a cruel game and tends to bite just when the comfort zone gets to the slippers and a wee cup of tea stage!

McIlroy refused to make things easy for himself up the last hole when he enjoyed only a scant one shot lead over the young Englishman, who knows how to win and would have been well aware of the pressure McIlroy was under. Rose himself took a long time to win on tour when he turned pro after some amateur fireworks in the British Open a few years ago.

An over excited approach shot to the Par 5 18th saw Rory “flip” it into the back bunker in three while Rose managed to leave himself a 20 footer for birdie and a chance of a play off. A once in a lifetime bunker shot of pure genius saw the Northern Ireland youngster get the golf ball to about three feet from the hole despite the added pressure of a slick slope behind the pin and an ever beckoning lake. But, even after that flash of brilliance, the lad still faced with a tricky cross-green trundle for a one shot victory. The certainty of that victory needed McIlroy to hole out and Rose to miss his birdie effort. Rose conspired with the making of history to do just that – despite a valiant effort. Both golfers at this stage must have been feeling the jitters to an alarming degree as a €323,514.99 prize awaited the winner.

With Rose holed out for par the young Northern Irish player was left staring at a difficult par putt  and a one shot victory. I’m sure that every breath in every Sky Sports endowed house and pub in Ireland was stilled as the lad struck that putt. I’m sure the sound levels across Ireland went down as golfers’ hearts missed a beat on that ball’s three foot roll to the hole!

Superb victory, young Rory. Well deserved and, hopefully, the first of many!

Seve Ballesteros just BRILLIANT!

December 3, 2008

I came across this on the BBC and I just couldn’t resist trying to link to this BBC compilation and send some other people to look at it!

I remember seeing Seve on TV and being just being totally amazed at some of the things he did. And …. he always seemed to be a real gentleman as he dealt with people.

I’m sure all golf fans  in Northern Ireland hope Seve recovers from his fourth brain tumour operation….

’nuff.. just enjoy the BBC video!

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Come on Seve.. we’re all with you!

Ballyliffin Golf Course

July 19, 2008

So.. I took this wee picture on 23rd April 2008 on the tee of the 13th on Ballyliffin’s Glashedy Course….

That is Glashedy Island out there…..

Ballyliffin, 13th Tee Glashedy

Ballyliffin, 13th Tee Glashedy

Trump that….

December 5, 2007

What a load of cobblers! Sometimes you can spot a hype a million miles away and this story on the BBC is one of them!

Trump considering NI golf complex says the BBC but….. I am willing to bet that old Trump is just playing off one grant provider against another. Now there is no doubt that you could take any old piece of ground in The image “ Antrim and trump (!!) anything Scotland has to offer… but… if anyone believes that our Donald will switch to Northern Ireland for this development after spending time and money over a couple of years deciding on..(ouch) .. Menie Estate near Balmedie, Aberdeenshire .. well, frankly, YOU is living in cloud cuckoo land!

Of course, if Ian and Martin get the TRUMP card.. I will be very happy to see a golf course built overlooking the Giant’s Causeway.. complete with 1500 swanky houses adorning the cliff walkway and ALL the proceeds going to fat-cat company Trump and corporate America. Won’t you?

How far? – VERY….. :-)

October 8, 2007

Brilliant ….

mcilroy3.jpgto see young Rory McIlroy earning his European Tour Professional card in only his second event. Rory became the youngest player to earn his card from tournament play when he finished 3rd at the Dunhill Links Championship.

The final leaderboard looked like this:-


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