The Little Urban Park that Could…. 2

December 11, 2007

“… be sooo good!”

Regular readers of Talk Northern Ireland will be well aware that the weary editor is accustomed to taking the air with a stroll around the old estate. In the past this activity has been known to stir the creative juices, get the typing finger working again and generally led to a vague feeling of well-being. Regular readers will also know that, my ancestors having fallen on somewhat hard times when the English invaded Ireland a wee while back, my estate is somewhat…ah.. how shall I put it now… curtailed? So when I tire of trekking to the bottom of my small garden I venture out Read the rest of this entry »


Foyle Bridge – a stunning structure!

September 20, 2007

I took a wee walk down by the Foyle yesterday and just had to grab a few photographs. The Foyle bridge is a stunning structure when you’re up close and looking at it from the right angle. Usually, of course, we’re all flying across it as quickly as possible and hoping teh darned thing will stay up there long enough for the journey! But from another angle it looks like this:-

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