Expenses.. you couldn’t make it up!

May 12, 2009

So.. as all the ducking and diving by major politicians goes on as their false and greedy expense claims are outed we can all give a righteous and outraged shrug and tell the weans, ” See, I told you they’re ALL no good!” And, on this occassion we’d be absolutely right given the massive fraud that the “honourable” members of parliament have been engaged in for years.

But, sometimes, in the middle of all the garbage you see something that makes you laugh out loud! One such thing comes with this screen grab from the BBC news site on May 12th 2009!

Well… I suppose he would be! I mean having used all our money to maintain the pool he’d be entitled to be angry over any leaks.. wouldn’t he?


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September 5, 2008

All I seem to hear lately is that the cost of everything is…rising. A typical eye-watering example is the impending hike in electricity prices as reported in the Belfast Telegraph on 4.9.08: Electricity bills to rocket by 30%. Robin Morton reports:-

“Northern Ireland Electricity is poised to hit consumers with an increase of up to £160 a year, the Belfast Telegraph has learned.

Details of the new tariffs, which will take effect on October 1, are still being finalised in negotiations between NIE Energy, the Utility Regulator and the Consumer Council.

But it looks likely that the increase — to be announced next week — will be between 30% and 36%, and it’s all down to the soaring wholesale cost of gas.

At present, the average household bill stands at £439 a year, but the proposed increase could put this figure up to just under £600.

And in a depressing double whammy for over-stretched families, Phoenix Natural Gas is also set next week to announce a double digit increase, to also take effect on October 1.

In May, Phoenix increased its tariff by 28%, a move which sparked complaints from fuel poverty groups. And last month, Maxol Direct revealed that the price of home heating oil in Northern Ireland has risen by around 80% in the last year.”

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Banks robbing most vulnerable customers.

December 15, 2007

Regular readers will already be aware that I have as much time for bankers as a starlet has for a zit on premiere night. You’ll know what I mean when you have a look at previous attempts on Talk Northern Ireland to highlight their dodgy practices – You can’t keep a “good” bank down…..

But now comes a story that banks2.jpgmakes my blood boil and removes the last vestage of respect I had for these institutions and their employees.

When a person finds themselves in financial trouble we’d all advise that person to seek help from an organisation experienced in debt-management -like the Citizens’ Advice Bureau. After all, the first step to getting out of financial trouble is recognising that you’re in it! Seeking help from experts is the hardest step but when it is taken you expect relief. At this point you expect that a professional organisation, which banks claim to be, that has made stacks of money out of you over the years would be supportive of your attempts to get back on an even keel. That way they can get back to doing what they do best – making stacks of money out of you in the future! A solvent customer is Read the rest of this entry »

Wiped Out – Skint?

October 10, 2007

So.. I’ve been talking to a lass tonight about money – hard subject I know but let’s stick with it for a moment.

Here’s the argument she made in a nutshell:-
money1.jpg 1. I’m young.
2. I’m skint.
3. I’m working as HARD as I can and getting absolutely no-where.
“So what?” I hear you ask, “I was the same when I was a student….”

But, for a moment, can you forget the old arguments that you have used on your weans at university. Basically every week you argue with them that:-

  • they drink too much;
  • they don’t study enough;
  • why the f**k are they’re going to Rome/Rhodes/Dublin/Boston etc etc for a week when they have work to do?
  • etc..etc

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