Glasgow Airport Attack

July 3, 2007

My heart goes out to those people who were caught up in that horrific attack on Glasgow airport. Everyone had a very lucky escape. We can all thank whoever our god is for that.

glasgow3.jpgNow we have to avoid some of the more horrific responses to the attack. Let’s not assume that every Muslim agrees with the attacks – most do not. Let’s not assume that every Iraqi living in the British Isles agrees with the attack – most will not. Let’s not treat all Arab looking individuals as dangerous – most are not.

Let’s ask ourselves how we would react if our families were being shot and blown up every day? And if we witnessed it every night spread across our television screens, how frustrated would we quickly become at our inability to do anything? Might we be angry enough to turn to violence? The Northern Ireland experience Read the rest of this entry »


Day of Reflection

June 22, 2007

I’ve just come across this activity, Day of Reflection, and the associated website. Well done all those involved. Sadly, I missed the detail of this 21.6.07 event and so didn’t take advantage of what was on offer yesterday (DOH!) but I found it really useful visiting the website to-day. Not least because it shows that there are other people throughout Northern Ireland and beyond trying to build a peaceful future by looking at the past. You might want to take a look.


I’d love to hear how others got on and Read the rest of this entry »

Outrage in China.

June 18, 2007

The Chinese are still rocking to-day as the horrific story unfolds of children stolen from the streets and forced into slave labour at brick kilns. The story is covered in depth in the Times of June 16th 2007: Children snatched off the streets to work as slaves.

brick.jpgMore than 1000 children – some as young as 8 years of age –  have been stolen and sold for as little as £27 ( 400 Yuan ) each to  brick kiln owners who have been facing a massive rise in demand for their product due to the soaring Chinese economy and building boom.

The story would break Read the rest of this entry »

The Troubles: “I could write a book….”

June 5, 2007

If I had a pound for every time I’ve heard, “I could write a book…” said in Northern Ireland over the last 30 years I would have enough in the tank that just putting a couple of quid to it would pay off my debt! Let’s face it… everyone has a story to tell about something that happened during the troubles. Many are very sad, more are poignant in some way, some are hilariously funny (especially in hindsight!) but what all have in common is that these stories are the stuff of history.


I’m wondering here if we could make a start in telling those stories and if, in the telling, Read the rest of this entry »