City of Derry Golf Club in the snow.

February 6, 2009

Sometimes it’s difficult to golf but still worth looking at a golf green! The snow may have closed the course for golf but  it’s still a fabulous place to visit!

The 18th at City of Derry Golf Club

The 18th at City of Derry Golf Club

And this wee shot of the 18th at City of Derry Golf Club  dusted with snow sorta makes you want to grab a putter and try out the green!

Red flag on a snowy 18th green at City of Derry Golf Club

Red flag on a snowy 18th green at City of Derry Golf Club


City of Derry Golf Club -stunning!

January 31, 2009

So there I was … just ambling the old railway line walk between the River Foyle and the Letterkenny Road in Derry .. when I snapped this wee picture:-


City of Derry Golf Club - the clubhouse.

The photo was taken on a fabulously frosty day and  highlights the stunning setting enjoyed by the City of Derry Golf Club. The lucky members of the club are blessed with spectacular views of the full sweep of the River Foyle from several of the tees. They putt on greens with a backdrop of the sun glinting off the Foyle and to the sound of wild bird song.

A true pleasure to play any day because of the fabulous views but …. I’m not sure too many members realise just how much their course enhances the landscape it inhabits. Viewed from across the river the course just calls to visitors, “Play me, play me! And if you can’t play golf.. it is time to learn!”

This lovely walk by the river now forms part of the National Cycling network. As a walk it has everything you need – the beautiful river, fabulous birdlife, peaceful atmosphere…. what more could anyone ask for? Apart, that is, from a decent golf swing to tackle that jewel on the hill across the river?

BBC NEWS | Northern Ireland | Anti-social problem is ‘ongoing’

January 5, 2009

As has been highlighted in this blog before , see the entry on Underage Drinking, things aren’t particularly good for certain sections of our community when young people get deeply involved in drink and drugs.

According to this BBC report the people of Rosemount are currently in the front line in Derry but the scene is repeated in many areas across Northern Ireland every weekend.The main question has to be… where do the parents of these children believe them to be? And why aren’t they checking out their offsprings’ whereabouts?

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Come on parents.. ask the hard questions:-
“Where were you to-night?”
“Who were you with?”
“What were you doing?”

It can’t do any harm to ask and it might do a lot of good for the children of Northern Ireland.

If you are experiencing these problems …what do you think are the solutions?

Ness Woods, Derry, Northern Ireland

April 8, 2008

Peaceful…. eh?

Time to Talk: Peacelines:Bishop Street/Fountain, Derry

March 15, 2008

I’ve been watching these “Peacelines” for too many years to remember and my heart goes out to those who have to live there. The pictures here show such a peaceful scene in the early October sunshine that you could be mistaken for thinking that life along the line can’t be really all that bad.

Bishop Street, Derry: Catholic side on right: October 2007

A little bit of sunshine, Read the rest of this entry »

No talk: just look

February 15, 2008

Sometimes it’s just nice to enjoy…..


Culmore Point, Derry: Wednesday 13.2.08

Ilex plans: some alternatives

February 5, 2008

Regular readers to this publication will be aware that I’m not a great fan of poorly thought-out, costly, pointless urban development who sole reason for being done is GREED not NEED. You’ll be already familiar with my stance on teh usage proposed for the old Fort George site on the banks of the River Foyle. (Read this: Dallas Descends on Downtown Derry! if you need to be reminded! )

Now we’re lucky that some other people have begun to see how poorly thought out this development is and to demonstrate some alternatives. I’ll highlight a few here from some St Columb’s College sixth-formers. Please feel free to add some more!

One says:

Below is a link to my multimedia video of my idea for the current fort george site… I no it may not be the best idea for the site but it is way better than a concrete and steel jungle that Ilex proposed.

And here’s his idea:

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Another says:

Honestly, I believe ILEX have aimed a bit too high with this proposal, and along with the rest of Derry, think it is a bit unrealistic. What are the chances of this actually happening?

And here’s his idea:-

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Anybody got some other interesting ideas? Feel free to be as creative as these guys!!