92 hours to order first killing spree…. oh Obama.

January 27, 2009

It was with great sadness that I read that new USA President Barrack Obama took only 92 hours to order the first missile strike of his presidency:-

Sad so Sad

Sad so Sad

92 Approves first American missile strikes under his presidency on tribal areas of Pakistan.”
From Obama – the first 100 hours – The Guardian Saturday 24 January 2009

In another article, President orders air strikes on villages in tribal area,The Guardian tells us that 18 people died in the missile strike (the figure is 22 according to the Sunday Times):-

Barack Obama gave the go-ahead for his first military action yesterday, missile strikes against suspected militants in Pakistan which killed at least 18 people.

Four days after assuming the presidency, he was consulted by US commanders before they launched the two attacks. Although Obama has abandoned many of the “war on terror” policies of George Bush while he was president, he is not retreating from the hunt for Osama bin Laden and other al-Qaida leaders.

The US believes they are hiding in the tribal areas along the border with Afghanistan, and made 30 strikes last year in which more than 200 people were killed. In the election, Obama hinted at increased operations in Pakistan, saying he thought Bush had made a mistake in switching to Iraq before completing the job against al-Qaida in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

So…. the first blow is struck against the promise of Obama…. the first blood stain on his Presidency.

I’m sure the American generals made a good case in the comfort of their upholstered armchairs in the war room of the White House for using $200,000 missiles to blow up a few more mud huts and to kill a few more “terrorists” but Obama… Obama… I expected more from you. I thought you might at least call a halt to such actions until you at least were sure these war mongers have terrorist targets this time.

Now.. your hands are personally red with the blood of a few mud hut villagers. A too swift end to the innocent view that you are a different breed of politician.
SAD… so… SAD….


Barack Obama is IRISH!

November 10, 2008

Well… it made me laugh anyway! Don’t we have the most fabulous capacity to claim everyone as our own and to sing about it as well!


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Clinton and Obama trade barbs | Video | Reuters.com

November 16, 2007

Now… can I ask.. ‘cos it’s important like..

What the flaming Nora are Hilary Clinton  and Barack Obama doing knocking lumps outa each other? Good grief! As the Democrats disintegrate into petty squabbling George Bush and his mates must be having a right old laugh. At the rate these two are going, and all the other Democratic Party Also Runners, the Yanks will be tempted to forget all the Bushwhackings they have had over the last two presidential terms and vote for another Republican. AAAHHHHHHhhhhhhhh!

Watch this Reuters video with interest and can somebody tell them to play nice, please? ‘Cos the last thing the rest of the world needs next November is a Bushie-tailed-republican following the same foreign policy political agenda. And at this rate…. that is what we’re getting.

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