Banks robbing most vulnerable customers.

December 15, 2007

Regular readers will already be aware that I have as much time for bankers as a starlet has for a zit on premiere night. You’ll know what I mean when you have a look at previous attempts on Talk Northern Ireland to highlight their dodgy practices – You can’t keep a “good” bank down…..

But now comes a story that banks2.jpgmakes my blood boil and removes the last vestage of respect I had for these institutions and their employees.

When a person finds themselves in financial trouble we’d all advise that person to seek help from an organisation experienced in debt-management -like the Citizens’ Advice Bureau. After all, the first step to getting out of financial trouble is recognising that you’re in it! Seeking help from experts is the hardest step but when it is taken you expect relief. At this point you expect that a professional organisation, which banks claim to be, that has made stacks of money out of you over the years would be supportive of your attempts to get back on an even keel. That way they can get back to doing what they do best – making stacks of money out of you in the future! A solvent customer is Read the rest of this entry »