BBC News – Dubai kissing couple appeal fails

April 4, 2010

Now.. I’m all for decency and good manners but this makes me think we are all NUTS for supporting DUBAI tourism!

I mean why go to a place where a peck on the cheek – or, as alleged on the evidence of a two year old, a kiss on the lips – gets you sent to jail?

BBC News – Dubai kissing couple appeal fails.

“The initial complaint against them was made by a 38-year-old woman who said she was offended by their behaviour at the Jumeirah Beach Residence, where she was dining with her daughter.

The couple’s defence lawyers said the woman – who did not appear in court – had not seen the kiss herself, but had been told by her two-year-old child that the girl had seen the couple kissing.”

Anyone going to DUBAI for a holiday needs their heads examined! Especially when knowing exactly what breaks the law is so difficult. An expert on Islamic law told the BBC:-

“Professor Strawson said the Dubai authorities often turned a blind eye to foreigners’ behaviour, because of the high income that comes from tourists.

But he said Dubai had recently issued new explanations tightening up their laws.”

If it takes an expert lawyer in an obscure religious law to know what is legal and what is illegal and that is coupled with a laxness in the application of the law at the whim of passing policemen.. then what chance has an ordinary tourist of knowing the boundaries?

I suggest that we’d maybe be better off in wet old Ireland than frying in some DUBAI jail.

And if you think that might be easy time.. check out this account by  HAMPSHIRE businessman George Atkinson!

“Every day is a living hell,” said Mr Atkinson.

“I am in a cell with four others. There are two double bunk beds just centimetres apart, pushed right up against the cell door. There are only 122 beds in my block to accommodate 246 men.

So.. caution if you go!


BBC NEWS | World | Middle East | Israel renews air strikes on Gaza

December 28, 2008

No excuses, Isreal.

STOP…. now!

-Palestinian officials raised the number killed on Saturday to 271;
-Israel said it targeted 30 sites overnight;
-Israel says at least 110 rockets have been fired over the weekend;
-Most of those killed were policemen in the Hamas militant movement;
-women and children also died;
-about 700 others were wounded as missiles struck security compounds and militant bases;
-in Israel, one person was killed, in the town of Netivot;

Isreal.. you MUST stop this indiscriminate killing. NOW.

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National Trust Staff Get Day off!

February 26, 2008

I am amazed at the daftness of some organisations and then I remember that sometimes it’s just best to smile and enjoy the craic!

One such instance concerns the news that the National Trust are to give their 170 NI staff the 29th Feb as an extra day off. But… it being a Leap Year and all they have decided that staff must jump through some hoops!! As reported by the BBC in this story – NI trust workers get ‘green’ day – the workers get the day off but:-

In a campaign called “Leap forward for the climate”, the charity wants its workers to use 29 February to help reduce their carbon footprint.

It is also urging its 260 volunteers in Northern Ireland to take the day off and try to lead greener lives.

Now… I’m all for a wee extra Read the rest of this entry »

Broadcasters to launch joint on-demand service…. eh??

November 27, 2007

This headline is a must draw for anyone who has a wee interest in the wacky-backy… but they are going to be way way disappointed by the content… have a read and pop back!

Broadcasters to launch joint on-demand service | Technology | Reuters

monitor.jpgSee..? If you were imaging that the government had rolled over and decided to supply the weed just anytime you wanted it then ….boy did you get a disappointment reading that article!

But it is about another drug… the use of which is even more serious and dangerous to our society – television!

Come on… who needs ANOTHER 10,000 hours of TV programming available on the net? What we have already on the airways is pretty darned bad, being very restrained here, and I cannot see any reason to weigh the net down with another 10,000 hours of total tosh.

Maybe if these companies spent our money on making some decent programmes the viewing figures would rise and then they would not need to be constantly chasing dwindling markets. Eh?

Right… off me soap box now……

Doh… makes you wonder why?

November 15, 2007

So here I sit with some “bulky items” that have outlived their family usage and, indeed, their useful life. To whit, one twenty-two year old bed and one twenty year old sitting room suite. Now, when the new stuff arrives I ring the local council and ask them to pop down with a lorry and collect the bulky items as per their stated collection procedure – which I had thoroughly investigated on their website, accessed (blowing own trumpet here 😉 ) from Talk Northern Ireland’s growing resource page — Useful NI Contacts!

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Yip…. thick as champ!

November 13, 2007

Sometimes, it’s worth getting out of bed on a morning and just surfing the net ’cause you get to smile at stories like this from the BBC!

Man hurt using gun to change tyre ….. yes… you don’t need to read the story to figure out where it happened, do you? Yes.. you are right… the good old USA. I just have to quote the BBC story in full… I can’t type really ‘cos it hurts when I laugh and type! So here you go…..

A US man has injured himself in both legs after attempting to loosen a stiff wheel-nut by blasting it with his gun.tyre.gif

The 66-year-old man from Washington state was repairing his car outside his home when the accident took place.

Shooting at the wheel from arm’s length with his 12-gauge shotgun, he was peppered with buckshot and debris.

The man – whom police say was on his own and not intoxicated – was taken to hospital with severe, but not life-threatening, injuries.

The man, from South Kitsap, 10 miles (16km) southwest of Seattle, had been repairing his Lincoln Continental for two weeks, according to the police, and had removed all but one of the nuts on the right rear wheel.

Frustrated by the one remaining nut which refused to budge, he resorted to fire power in an effort to shift it.

“He’s bound and determined to get that lug nut off,” said Deputy Scott Wilson, a spokesman from the sheriff’s office.

He sustained injuries from his feet to the middle of his abdomen, with some pellets reaching as high as his chin, police said.”

Now.. we all know that wee bit of frustration with cars and, I have to admit to being one of the less talented car mechanics around , but only in America, the land of the free, the home of the brave could we find someone who’s solution to car troubles is to shoot the thing with a twelve gauge!

Mind you, on second thought, perhaps I oughtn’t to be so surprised. The American way is to blast everything – Afghanistan, Iraq, San Salvador, Vietnam, Korea and coming our way soon – Iran. There is a saying in Ireland: The apple never falls far from the tree. I suppose a society that produces car-rage – do they have a special vehicular murder squad, by the way, that will be a big future hit on Five US! – it’s easy to accept global domination by the force of arms as the way to behave. Instead of firing a 12 gauge at a small problem…. just unload a couple of billion dollars worth of cruise missiles and a few tons of uranium depleted shells. Problem solved… eh? The American psyche in microcosm.

I suppose I should brace myself here for a spate of comments….

– he was tyred

– was he wheely wheely angry…

– he’ll have difficulty treading the light fandango with those injuries

– was it a blow out

– etc.. etc…

Go for it! 🙂

Iraq: Blogging the war and the occupation

November 3, 2007

Blogs are powerful tools and I think they have come into their own during this Iraq conflict. While iraq.jpgthe American and British governments have all the power of the world’s most powerful media at their beck and call, the ordinary people living in the conflict zone have blogging to tell their stories.

Here are links to a few:-

A Family in Baghdad

Baghdad Burning – Girl Blog from Iraq… let’s talk war, politics and occupation;

Today in Iraq – A blog about life;

Iraq Today – the successor of Today in Iraq;

Healing Iraq – Daily news and comments on the situation in post Saddam Iraq by an Iraqi dentist;

Iraq Blog Count – points to many blogs about the war;

An Arab Woman Blues – Reflections in a sealed bottle… ;

Interesting Sites about the War:

Iraq Body Count – looks at civilian death totals;

Iraqi Deaths Estimator-
Just Foreign Policy Iraqi Death Estimator

Now I know I will have missed many interesting sites and blogs so I’ll leave this item open so taht YOU can post any you find interesting.

My thoughts are with those living a daily nightmare.