About Talkni.org

Welcome to Talkni.org 🙂

Why Talkni.org?

Talkni.org is a website with a simple idea – create a space for ordinary people to talk about Northern Ireland. Nothing fancy here…. just the opportunity to talk about the beautiful place we live in and how we manage to live here despite the well-known warts!

The Community’s “Rules of Engagement”.

The “rules of engagement” are as simple as I can make them….

  • we don’t insult each other;
  • we don’t use foul language;
  • we don’t deliberately goad members;
  • we try to go to bed feeling we have left Northern Ireland a slightly happier place!

Easy? We’ll see…. 🙂

What happens to anyone who breaks these rules?

Well..simple really. They will be on the outside looking in and unable to comment on any debate.

More to follow, I think, as the community develops.

18.1.08: Interesting stat! Apart from the dreaded spam …TalkniAdmin has NOT had to delete a single comment since the day the site was set up! Cool or what? A great BIG THANK YOU to all our users for supporting the spirit of our community rules. 

What’s the thinking behind this? Why are you doing it?

Private conversations about difficult subjects change individual lives. Many have had the experience of having their own lives changed when someone opened up and shared a personal life-changing experience. At Talkni.org we believe that sharing those experiences on a wider platform with more people can also change many lives – and impact on people for the better. Our experiences, good and bad, are the stuff that can shape new generations.

In days gone by our experience was passed from generation to generation around the family hearth or on the local streets within tightly-knit communities. But the 21st Century backyard playground of the young is the internet and the family hearth is the television. The Google generation now seeks its information from search engines and its problem solutions from online spaces. What they find is packaged solutions marketed by multi-nationals, the escapist pap of exploitive “entertainment” and the “drive by” comments of the chat rooms. What is not so easily found is the true voice of the ordinary person’s experience – a voice that can impact without exploiting and educate through sharing experience without lecturing.

Talkni.org is about having difficult conversations in a public forum. It’s about sharing the experience of life in Northern Ireland. Feel free to share.

Now… how do you get involved?

Best to follow the simple instructions here on this Join Talkni.org page.

So….see you at the deep end when you feel up for a swim.




PS: If you have ideas or suggestions for making Talk Northern Ireland even better then please feel free to email your thoughts to this address:-


or feel free to ring Martin on +44 7968 251939

Thanks in advance.



Talk Northern Ireland is seeking volunteer contributors. (Whoa… how cool is that I hear you say!) If you want to be involved just drop us a line:


Congratulations to Cyberscribe and Catch42 who have joined Talk Northern Ireland as volunteer contributors!


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