Rising PFI costs ‘putting hospitals at risk – BBC NEWS

BBC News – Rising PFI costs ‘putting hospitals at risk’.


Now who would have predicted this?


Yet another example of the PRIVATE SECTOR shafting us and politicians allowing it to happen because they are are feathering their own nests.


“Department of Health figures show yearly bills are forecast to rise by 75% to more than £2.5bn in the next 18 years, mainly because of inflation.

It means once the last scheme is paid off – in 2049 – more than £70bn will have been handed over.

That figure also includes, in some cases, fees for services such as building maintenance, cleaning, catering and portering.

But even taking those services into account the sum far exceeds the value of the building projects, which stands at a combined £11.4bn.”


Now, of course, the “new” government aren’t to blame – they say.


Aye, right, and I’m a billionaire!


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