Expenses.. you couldn’t make it up!

So.. as all the ducking and diving by major politicians goes on as their false and greedy expense claims are outed we can all give a righteous and outraged shrug and tell the weans, ” See, I told you they’re ALL no good!” And, on this occassion we’d be absolutely right given the massive fraud that the “honourable” members of parliament have been engaged in for years.

But, sometimes, in the middle of all the garbage you see something that makes you laugh out loud! One such thing comes with this screen grab from the BBC news site on May 12th 2009!

Well… I suppose he would be! I mean having used all our money to maintain the pool he’d be entitled to be angry over any leaks.. wouldn’t he?


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4 Responses to Expenses.. you couldn’t make it up!

  1. Suddenly the new look Tories aren’t looking much different to the old school Tories.

    • And “New” labour is looking a bit like the pigs in “Animal Farm”…. sad really!

      Do you think it is a function of power that corrupts those who wanted to do good? Persumably, they were not ALL complete bandits when they started out!

  2. Jack php_value display_startup_errors 1 says:

    Would you like to come on a radio show this evening to form part of a group of people debating this matter? Phone me on php_value display_startup_errors 1

    • Well, Jack php_value display_startup_errors 1, I would except I think you are an internet fiction! But I’ll just leave your comment here for the pure comedy value!

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