City of Derry Golf Club -stunning!

So there I was … just ambling the old railway line walk between the River Foyle and the Letterkenny Road in Derry .. when I snapped this wee picture:-


City of Derry Golf Club - the clubhouse.

The photo was taken on a fabulously frosty day and  highlights the stunning setting enjoyed by the City of Derry Golf Club. The lucky members of the club are blessed with spectacular views of the full sweep of the River Foyle from several of the tees. They putt on greens with a backdrop of the sun glinting off the Foyle and to the sound of wild bird song.

A true pleasure to play any day because of the fabulous views but …. I’m not sure too many members realise just how much their course enhances the landscape it inhabits. Viewed from across the river the course just calls to visitors, “Play me, play me! And if you can’t play golf.. it is time to learn!”

This lovely walk by the river now forms part of the National Cycling network. As a walk it has everything you need – the beautiful river, fabulous birdlife, peaceful atmosphere…. what more could anyone ask for? Apart, that is, from a decent golf swing to tackle that jewel on the hill across the river?


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