No Dog Owners Prosecuted in Derry!!

The Derry Journal reports, No dog owners prosecuted in Derry last year:-

“Only one fixed penalty for dog fouling was served in Derry last year while fewer than two fines per week for littering were served in the same period.

Figures released to the ‘Journal’ reveal that, while a total of 148 fines were issued in relation to irresponsible dog owner offences, only one related to a dog owner failing to clean up after their dog.”

Now… there’s a strange thing! Anyone who takes the air along

Beside the Derry City Council Offices

Beside the Derry City Council Offices

the fabulous River Walk in front of the Derry City Council Offices will be familiar with the ritual of trying to avoid the hundturds of dog fouls along that route. I find it hard to understand how the councilors, and the city chief executive, can avoid stepping in the dirt on the way to their plush offices. But.. it’s obvious that they have found a way to avoid seeing the mess we walk in. Maybe if we moved their car park a little further away from the offices they might notice the fouling problem and do something about it? What ya think?

Personally, I pity the folk with children who use this path. Over Christmas it was a delight to see scores of parents using the facility to teach their kiddies to control their bikes in a really safe, traffic wise, envoronment. A great use of the space, wouldn’t you say?

What was not so good was see parents having to constantly point out the masses of dog dirt and warn the kids to avoid them. Needless to say…. not all parents were successful… well they are learners too! Some sparkling new bikes needed cleaning! A nice task on Christmas morning.

Now.. not all the dog owners who use this space abuse this place. I see many with the dog/dogs on a lead and the required cleaning equipment. BUT.. I also see many owners who allow their dogs to roam without a lead and who fail to notice the little/large messages their pets leave the city councilors! Come on guys… maybe its guide dogs you need if you can’t see what your pets are down to. 🙂

So.. well done to The Derry Journal for raising the issue. Now.. how about the city godfathers getting the dog warden to get the place cleaned up?


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