BBC NEWS | World | Middle East | Israeli troops clash with Hamas

So.. they have moved in. Not satisfied with killing hundreds from the air Israel has decided to blood its ground troops.There is no excuse for this exercise in mass murder. Everyone needs to call upon their MP to raise this with the government.

You can do this quickly on this site: Write To Them It’s quick and painless for you to contact all your MPs, MEP and MLAs. Let’s do it.

To help you out here is the text of the message I have sent to all my representatives. Please feel free to adapt this for your own message if you find it useful.

I wrote:-
Please contact Gordon Brown on my behalf and alert him to the urgent need to put pressure on the government of Israel to stop their current bombing campaign and withdraw their troops from the Gaza Strip.

The government of Israel has been entirely wrong in this matter. It has used disproportionate force in trying to solve their problem. The mass murder of innocents is not something that the Israelis can be proud of.

Please urge Brown to sever ALL relations with Israel until such time as hostilities cease and reparation is made by Israel.


Isreal… cut the crap. GET OUT.

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2 Responses to BBC NEWS | World | Middle East | Israeli troops clash with Hamas

  1. This update (Jan 14th) from a contact:
    “Humanitarian Update
    · A report from Christian Aid suggests that a third of all Palestinian civilian deaths are children
    · 971 Palestinians have died, 250 civilians. 10 Isreali’s have died, 3 civilians
    · The IDF (Israeli Defence Force) have moved into the most densely populated area’s of Gaza.
    · The water situation is a crisis level: 500,000 Palestinians still have no access to running water, another 500,000 receive water for 4-6 hours only every 5-7 days and the rest receives water for 4-6 hours every 2-3 days.
    · The situation with accommodation, electricity, medicine worsens every day – all aid organisations regard this as a full blown humanitarian crisis of historic proportions. The IDF are accused of: using powerful shells in civilian areas which the army knew would cause large numbers of innocent casualties; using banned weapons against civilians such as phosphorus bombs; holding Palestinian families as human shields; attacking medical facilities, including the killing of 12 ambulance men in marked vehicles; killing large numbers of police who had no military role.”

    For more information and to join his mailing list contact: Ricky Reemer :

  2. So.. on his first day in office President Obama has moved on the situation to try to bolster the cease fire. The Washington post has this info:-

    “Later in the morning, Obama attended the prayer service. But the serenity of the cathedral quickly gave way to the grinding reality of Obama’s new responsibilities, as he placed calls to Middle East leaders, plunging into an arena about which he had remained silent during the 77-day transition period.

    Sitting behind an almost bare desk in the Oval Office, Obama called President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert of Israel, King Abdullah II of Jordan and President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority. Obama pledged “active engagement” for a fragile cease-fire between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip, aides said.

    “In the aftermath of the Gaza conflict, he emphasized his determination to work to help consolidate the cease-fire by establishing an effective anti-smuggling regime to prevent Hamas from re-arming, and facilitating in partnership with the Palestinian Authority a major reconstruction effort for Palestinians in Gaza,” Gibbs said in a statement.”

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