BT Horror Story: Central!

It’ll be obvious, from one other post on this site, that I don’t have a lot of time for BTBritish Telecoms as a company. I believe the company treat their customers with contempt and offer a shoddy service in all departments.

I believe, from my exploration of the net and from people bashing my ears with BT incidents, that a great number of BT customers have had horrific experiences at the hands of the company.

What has been missing, until now, has been a place to record the very many horror stories that customers have lived through.

That place is not missing anymore……. welcome to BT Horror Story Central! 🙂

Feel free to add your horror tales here. Just pick a suitable name and tell your story. Please… DO NOT include anything in your account that might identify you or make your phone number public. If you wish, you might indicate which area of the country you come from!

So….. over to you. Let the Horror Stories be gathered!


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