A Nuclear N. Ireland?

Ever considered having a Nuclear Power Plant sitting on the horizon?

How about five?

Well it is five nuclear power plants that are being proposed for N.Ireland. Sounds ridiculous considering how, for years, the people of N.Ireland have had to face the threat of Sellafield in Cumbria. However, despite this, some of our Stormont MLAs have been saying, “Yes,” to Nuclear Power.

They say Nuclear Power is the only way to tackle the future energy solution to fossil fuels and they say it is the only way to tackle global warming. What is most concerning about this support of Nuclear power is not the support itself but the ignorance of their research and information.

Here are Ten Reasons to Say No to Nuclear which these MLAs have seemingly ignored.

1. The waste disposal problem has never been resolved by the nuclear industry. No one has resolved the challenge of long-term storage of nuclear waste.

2. Nuclear is not safe. Fifty years after Windscale (Sellafield) and twenty years after Chernobyl, scientists cannot guarantee against human or operational error and the risk of catastrophic consequences, along with the secretive culture of the nuclear industry. This is a compelling argument for rejecting the nuclear option.

3. The cost of providing back-up-power for nuclear is prohibitive.

4. Renewable sources can provide all of our necessary power. Our untapped wind resources are equivalent to many times the total output of our power suppliers. There is no need to revisit nuclear power, which imposes unacceptable risks.

5. Nuclear power will not solve climate change. A doubling in global nuclear power by 2050 would only lead to a 5 percent reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions. This is less than one tenth of the reductions scientists say we require.

6. Energy efficiency provides a better economic and environmental return. Research has shown that investment in end use efficiency programmes can deliver up to ten times the gains in comparison to money spent on nuclear.

7. Nuclear will not heat our homes nor power our cars. As oil runs out we may have to power our cars by hydrogen or by electric battery power. Both these forms of stored energy are generated from electricity. It makes more sense to use intermittent wind power rather than nuclear power to provide them.

8. Nuclear power leads to nuclear weapons. The nuclear cycle in the US and the UK has been inseparable from nuclear proliferation. This is one of the most dangerous and morally unacceptable dimensions of the nuclear
argument. Do we want our children to face wars where nuclear weaponry is the norm?

9. A centralised and subsidized state solution versus tens of thousands of green jobs. At the moment more energy is wasted in our centralised electricity transmission and generation system than is used heating every house and apartment in the country. These losses come from waste heat sent up power station chimneys and in power used up in transmission power lines. Nuclear power would only further reinforce this wasteful centralised system.

10. Uranium is a depleting resource. Uranium is not a renewable or endless resource. A major investment in nuclear could leave us facing depleted uranium resources by the middle of this century. Thus to indorse nuclear power is not solving the problem for future generations. We are instead distracting from implementing the real solution in the form of clean, green, sustainable energy.

Number Ten is the most obvious reason to Say No to Nuclear, in my opinion. People who propose Nuclear Energy seem to think it is a sustainable energy resource, which is farthest from the truth. Uranium that is used to power Nuclear Power stations will run out ….. just like fossil fuels. On the other hand, our untapped wind resources, north and south of the border, are equivalent to many times the total output of our current power suppliers and of course will not run out.

We could lead the way in Europe simply because of our geographical location. We should be following the example of Scotland where they have ruled out nuclear and are fast becoming the most successful wind energy country in Europe.

The five sites being proposed for Nuclear Power stations are:

  • Magilligan Point
  • Torr Head
  • Islandmagee
  • St. Johns Point
  • Cranfield Point

All very beautiful sites! Do you live near any of these? Do you know anyone that lives near them? If you do get in contact with them and let them know about these proposals. Time and time again decisions go ahead with no input from the local populance who would be directly effected. Make sure the word is spread and people are made aware.


One Response to A Nuclear N. Ireland?

  1. Huhj says:

    So what exactly is this nuclear power capable of destroying, if not stopped?

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