Beautiful: Shroove, County Donegal, St Patrick’s Day

The old weather has been a bit strange of late, hasn’t it? One minute we’re being frozen like fish fingers at a processing plant, the next we’re having our heads blown off by angry gales and the next minute everything calms right down and all is lovely and spring like. It’s Irish weather I suppose!

On St Patrick’s Day I took a wee wander around Donegal and found my self at Shroove. The pictures say it all…. I defy anyone to have found a nicer place to spend a wee hour… but if you did.. point me to the pictures!

In the meantime .. enjoy these.

1. A ship passes Shroove on the way into Lough Foyle.

2.The rocks to the Lighthouse are an irresistible climbing frame for children.


3. The rocks always attract a hopeful fisherman!


4. And what better way to spend an afternoon!


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