Chuckle Brothers to Knuckle Boys

Well… so …there ye have it. Big Ian has decided that it is time to go, although, there is a great deal of speculation around that he was really pushed. But does that really matter anyway? He’s gone and that is teh point.

Wikipedia imageWhat is interesting is the strange bedfellows the reaction to his political life and his resignation have revealed! Who’s have thought that ordinary people interviewed on the Falls Road would have a kind word to say for him or that those interviewed on the Shankill Road would his treachery of them as they reason they are glad he’s going. Ok… so the words on the Falls weren’t that warm…. but it finding someone to give Paisley a glass of water on the Falls over the last 40 years would have been nigh on impossible! So the fact that a reporter found someone to say something nice about him was pretty astounding! And who’d have thought that members of his own church would be elated at his decision?

Of course Ian’s departure is going to leave a void and one that there will be an unseemly scramble to fill. And most ordinary folk will be looking at the end of the Chuckle Brothers and wondering if we’re about to see the era of the Knuckle Boys. ‘Cos the favourite to grab the leading DUP chair is none other than the eternal deputy Peter Robinson MP.

Now.. given Peter’s huffy schoolboyish manner and Martin’s practicised unflapability we could be in for some right fireworks between the two! I don’t predict we’ll see many smiles. And given Peter’s contention that power sharing doesn’t really have much of a future we could be in for a pretty rocky time over the next few months.

So… here’s the question – now that the initial shockwave has passed and we’d had a chance to think about what the future might hold without Big Ian’s hand on the wringer – what do you think?

Will the new boy be able to hold everything together for the DUP?


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