National Trust Staff Get Day off!

I am amazed at the daftness of some organisations and then I remember that sometimes it’s just best to smile and enjoy the craic!

One such instance concerns the news that the National Trust are to give their 170 NI staff the 29th Feb as an extra day off. But… it being a Leap Year and all they have decided that staff must jump through some hoops!! As reported by the BBC in this story – NI trust workers get ‘green’ day – the workers get the day off but:-

In a campaign called “Leap forward for the climate”, the charity wants its workers to use 29 February to help reduce their carbon footprint.

It is also urging its 260 volunteers in Northern Ireland to take the day off and try to lead greener lives.

Now… I’m all for a wee extra day off and I applaud the NT’s effort in going for green… I even like the notion that they are encouraging their staff to reduce their carbon footprint…. BUT there is a line and they have crossed it BIGTIME. And that line is…here:-

Staff will be asked to report back to managers detailing how they have changed to a greener lifestyle on their day off.

Now……I have a small suggestion for the staff..ok? On Monday, when the boss asks you to report on how you reduced your carbon footprint just say you decided to kept your foot in bed all day! Snuggled under your blanket you’ll have used less energy that these mangers used in sending the notice of this to all staff!

This absolutely reeks of management nose-poking-into-private-lives of the highest order. It’s time the NT realised that their job is to look after National Treasures not interfere in employees’ private lives.

So…in case some employees don’t really want to say it… I’ll say it for them, “Butt out, Boss!”

Oh… if you want to see how really silly this organisation can be then reading the last part of the BBC story will tell you all you need to know. And I quote:-

However, all National Trust properties in Northern Ireland will remain open on 29 February, so staff are also being urged to take the time off later in the year if they have unavoidable work commitments.

I can hear staff moaning and eyes rolling from here…….

With such fuzzy management thinking its little wonder that the places this organisation looks after are falling down!


One Response to National Trust Staff Get Day off!

  1. qwerty says:

    Dear god…………………………………… the spelling and such.

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