Time to Talk: Mosquito Device.

I just love this story, on the good old beeb, which reveals what pesky councils have been up to in trying to deal with the problem of youth gangs hanging around the streets…. Mosquito™ Standardhave a wee read and pop back here and let me have your thoughts.

See here: Call to scrap ‘anti-teen’ device.

So as you’ll have seen… some bright spark has invented a noise making machine that emits a sound that only under 20s can hear. Some innovative English councils have plonked these devices on buildings overlooking young people’s gathering places. A sign of two or more teenagers getting geared up for a yearn and an opportunity to chat up the local talent and authorised personnel can bombard them with white noise at the flick of a switch. Cool or what!!

Don’t you see where this can take us?

1. If I put on in my teenage son’s room I can turn it on when I want him to get up outa his bed!!
2. If they are installed at restaurants and pubs we can make pubs pimply youth free zones!
3. Soundproofing schools and surrounding them with these devices will encourage young people to take refuge in classrooms and maybe learn something!
4.Mounting these devices outside political meetings will keep all but the old away…oooops… on second thoughts the boring old b***ers we pass off as political leaders are doing a good enough job on that already so we can probably save some money there!
5. Portable versions of these could be issued to oldies so they could sweep the streets clean of teenies as they amble to the shops or stagger home from the teen-free pubs! We need our streets to be safer and if they are empty then they ought to be safe, right?
6. Adding these to all buses and taxis will encourage young people walk more… they need the exercise anyway! That ought to save the NHS billions in the future!

Now … there is only one problem I see in all this. Some day soon the complete idiot who deemed it perfectly legal to use sound to wage war on the young will decide to up the ante. Before we know it our streets will be swept by purging sound to clear them of everybody at a neatly specified curfew time. How does – 6pm for 10 year olds, 10pm for 17 year olds, 10.30pm for 19 year old and 11pm for the rest of us sound?

Pretty soon we’ll all be well and truly under control. Then as soon as they have us at home it’s just an hour or two of being pelted with stupid ads, switch over to the annoying sound and we’ll all take refuge in our beds. All just in time to get enough sleep to be ready for a productive day in front of our computer screens monitoring other people’s lives.


Now…just because we CAN do something DOES NOT mean we OUGHT to do something! Substituting the sonic equivalent of cattle prods for clear and funded policies of youth facility provision is not the way forward! Shame on those councils who think it is and on the government which supported and encouraged them. Using riot control methods which impact the innocent as much as the guilty is not the way to impart social responsibility to our young people. Those who stoop this low merely demonstrate their poverty of spirit, innovation and creativity as well as their total disregard for human rights.

Are these things in use in NI? Time to wake up… if they are let’s get them out and if they aren’t then let’s hope we in time to stop their deployment.


7 Responses to Time to Talk: Mosquito Device.

  1. talkni says:

    RIGHT… it’s official! I’m officially concerned, worried and deeply perplexed… why? ‘Cos hordes of people are hitting this item and no-one is commenting! I think all the population’s typing fingers may have been broken!

    Well… it’s a theory……isn’t it?

  2. craig1 says:

    Wow, now that is some strange. Great article! My name is Craig and i run a blog for Central Plains weather. again great post!

  3. avid mass says:

    Absurd… these terrific little devices will never be successful at what you’re proposing. A device that bombards a teenager with sound. Hm, wonder what the teen might do to solve this problem. Target the device with a sharp object? Put on headphones? This will go down as a dumb idea and get canned. It will find no worthy investors…

  4. talkni says:

    Whem…. countless local council have installed these apparently! They are being made by a Welsh firm….
    And they are neatly marketed as “Teenage Control Products” …. lovely….just lovely!

    So look out your council may get to hear about them!!

  5. Idiots!! says:

    They’re already in use in Letterkenny, Co. Donegal. There’s a 24 year old councillor there campaining against them (no me BTW – I’m 35+)


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