New Year Resolutions: 2008

It’s that time of year – a few glasses of bubbly, a couple of sweet kisses, an out-of-tune rendition of “Auld Lang Syne” in thick fake Scottish accents, some dark resolutions.gifbloke first futting with a scabby piece of coal in one grubby mit and a tin of larger in the other, a few grimaces at fat eedgits cavorting in fake tartan skirts to the excruciating strains of a cat being strangled… and it’ll be here… 2008!

Happy New Year!

Then we can get down to the real business of breaking all our nice shiny New year Resolutions!

But here’s a few we’d need to make as a people and we’d need to stick to. Feel free to add your own suggestions but here’s a couple for starters….

1.We have to cut the road death toll and we all need to co-operate! So….

  • no selling drink to people who are driving;
  • no letting your friends drive if you know they have a drink in them;
  • no turning a blind eye when you see some idiot park his car and go straight to the bar and get tore in – shop him/her before they kill someone;

2.We have to cut the numbers of people being beaten up by thugs in NI! So…resolutions2.gif

  • let’s have a zero policy to street violence with cops doing their jobs and arresting thugs and magistrates chucking them in jail as an example/deterrent to others;
  • let’s have the local TV stations highlight anti-social behaviour with a few special programmes that show the nightly level of violence that endures instead of focusing on the “big” cases when someone gets killed. For too long our media have been ambulance chasers by nature instead of opinion formers by design;

3.We have to do something about the employment situation in NI! So…

  • let’s call a special employment council-of-war with the express purpose of setting a realistic plan for achieving high levels of employment in NI;
  • let’s have all the sessions of this council-of-war run in public so we can all see who is not supporting us;
  • let’s invite the bright sparks of the employment world to tell us, in public, how they would achieve the goal of high levels of employment;
  • let’s take their advice and make it happen within the next 10 years.

So… just 3 wee suggestions for 2008 resolutions…. I wonder if they can become a reality?


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