Get OFF the mobile phone: NOW!

So.. you have been told that it dangerous and that you can driver.jpgget someone, other than yourself, killed by doing it but there are those who continue with the practice. Don’t say you weren’t warned when you are, quite rightly, chucked in jail.

Read this Guardian report – Jail risk for motorists who use mobile phones while driving – of the latest attempts to get people to stop driving and using their mobile phones at the same time makes interesting reading:-

Motorists who use mobile phones while driving could be jailed for up to two years under new guidelines published by prosecutors yesterday.

Endangering drivers and pedestrians while using a handheld mobile phone, satellite navigation system or iPod at the wheel will now be treated as dangerous driving rather than careless driving. The change means that drivers face up to two years in prison, the maximum penalty for dangerous driving, instead of the £5,000 fine and penalty points under a careless driving prosecution.

And it goes on:-

According to the Transport Research Laboratory, driving while on the phone is more distracting than talking to a passenger or tuning the radio. Using a mobile phone at the wheel was banned in 2003 but it has not stamped out the practice, with 129,700 drivers caught breaking the rule in 2005.

TRL estimated that half a million drivers a day still make hand-held calls, while mobile phones were cited as a factor in 13 fatal accidents and 52 serious crashes in 2005.

We really shouldn’t need a law for this sort of thing but it is obvious that we do! Especially given the idiot I saw yesterday at the wheel. The idiot in question was driving a mini-bus with children aboard. He approached a mini roundabout to make a very sharp right hand turn. In his LEFT hand he had a mobile phone which he was holding to his RIGHT ear. As he made his way through the roundabout every driver caught on the approach lanes held their breath. By good fortune he made it but we all lost a couple of years of our lives in worry as he went on his merry way to kill on some other junction.

The only thing I will say is that having the law is one thing… making sure the police enforce it is another. Let’s make this happen and stop the unnecessary carnage.


4 Responses to Get OFF the mobile phone: NOW!

  1. Pete says:

    JESUS! Who did the Bus driver kill on the other junction.

  2. talkni says:

    No-one ….yet… as far as I am aware!
    But with driving habits like that around NI I, for one, fear approaching any junction!

  3. stopmva says:

    hi i started a blog concerning th dangerously drivers i don’t know alot about blogging and web yet , but i do know a bit about dashcams and videos.

  4. Sniggles says:

    In My personal opinion I think anyone who drives should do so with 100% concentration and we all know that whilst chatting on a mobile phone, listening to music louldy on the radio, whistling at the opposite sex, and honking or waving at friends is not 100% concentration when driving.
    Almost all accidents can be prevented if people only concetrated on the job in hand , and not doing half a dozen other things while they are behind the wheel. I have seen people having their lunch, chatting on mobiles, map reading etc as they drive. This is not acceptable. If a brain surgeon took his lunch, waved at his friends and jiggled around to loud music while he operated on us , we would’t be too happy about it !!! AND like a brain surgeon we hold the lives of others in our hands all the time we are behind the wheel. That surely is something worth remembering .
    Sniggles >>>>>>>> made in Magherafelt

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