Unionist Committee Members lift ball and go home in huff…

Yesterday, in a remarkable display, reminiscent of the childhood football practice of the ball owner see more on BBCclearing off home when he wasn’t picked until last for the street football game and taking his property with him, the Unionist members of the Department of Curture Arts and Leisure committee declined to join a meeting about the proposed new Maze sports stadium!

The Belfast Telegraph explains the situation:-

“Unionist members of a Department of Curture Arts and Leisure committee snubbed architects who had flown in specially to show them designs for a proposed 38,000-seater complex at the Maze.

The architects, from Wembley designers HOK Sport, were then left pacing the Stormont corridors as committee members argued the toss over whether or not the meeting was relevant.”

They report:-

“UUP member David McNarry said: “We as a committee need to know how much this is going to cost, and we can’t get this information.”

And the DUP’s Nelson McCausland added: “Until the (planning) process is complete, it’s a waste of time having any sort of persentation.”

I’m sorry lads…. was one purpose of the meeting not to get the information on cost? If you’d attended the meeting David you could have let us all know what this is going to cost…. and you might have asked some awkward questions about things like construction and architect penalties for delayed building or poor plans. You know David… the sort of question that would have saved millions of tax-payers money in the construction of the new Wembley or the Scottish Parliament if any public servant had asked them. You could have asked how this company intend to avoid the same delays and costs on this project. You never know…. they might have learned something! You can do it David…..put on your thinking cap and ring them for us. Let us know here how you get on!

And Nelson, I wonder if your attendance might not have aided the planning process? Let’s face it if you knew what these guys have on the table then you might be able to shout whelly, whelly, whelly loudly that you do/don’t like it. AND you might be better able to explain to the rest of us WHY you think the thing should/should not be built at all! I thought that was the purpose of committees….. to do the donkey work of attending pointless meetings so the rest of us don’t have to!

And while we are on the subject guys…. I don’t suppose you’d like to explain WHO is paying the expenses for this trip. Now… I’m fairly sure that it is not the architects… which leaves either YOU…. or ME. I suspect its ME – beaten down taxpayer that I am – and I reckon YOU ought to have attended to save me paying for your attendance at the same meeting again! Which meeting, no doubt, will be scheduled for a nice convenient time when you’re not to busy Christmas shopping and a nice convenient location like Camp Nou, Barcelona ….

Europe's biggets stadium

where you can take in a wee game in a decent stadium while you’re at it. Eh?


One Response to Unionist Committee Members lift ball and go home in huff…

  1. Louie says:

    Its all very very sad, all the old farts on both sides killed off this new stadium that would of, for a change had us in the news for the right reasons, one party stuck in the past never wanting to move forward and the other party wanting to make this beautiful new project a memorial to all that was evil in our depressing and embrassing past, and while all these old farts ruled out and killed of something new the young people of this provance where forgotten about and robbed.What we need is for all these old hasbeens to be thrown out of Stroment and 100 new, visionary and forward thinking younger people with a desire not for the disgracful past that our forefathers have give us but a new, bright and colourful visionary future, and a Northern Ireland that could sparkle and shine around the world with its forward thinking and natural beauty…Louie

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