Man bites rabid dog…..


Now this is, perhaps, one of the saddest tails tales I’ve heard in a while:-

It’s news! Man bites rabid dog in southern India | Reuters

wikipedia image A report in the Hindustan Times on Friday said that the dog had become a menace to villagers in Pakakkadavu, in the Kollam district of Kerala state, which, like most of India, has a large stray dog population.

The 65-year-old man wrestled with the dog in a ditch near his home on Wednesday and bit it so hard that it bled from its neck while one of his hands was in the grip of the animal’s mouth, the report said.

Neighbours separated the two and beat the dog to death. The man was being treated in the state capital of Thiruvananthapuram for rabies, it said. (Writing by Y.P. Rajesh)

Reading this is one of those times when you’re glad that we live in a rabies free country. It’s also one of those times you think the yanks might have a point – and I don’t say this often(!) – in carrying guns. Given the choice of biting the dog or shooting the thing I think I know which one I’d take!


One Response to Man bites rabid dog…..

  1. Geneva Hobson says:

    uhh, we don’t live in a rabies-free country. there are plenty of dogs with cases of rabies. not to mention foxes, bats and raccoons, all of which have the potential of carrying the disease.

    i do agree with you about shooting a rabid dog rather than biting it. Rabies is no joke! it’s a serious problem among dogs in my town!

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