Ireland agrees to ban the bulb by 2009

What a fascinating story… but boy does it sound expensive!!

light.gifIreland has announced that it is to be the first European country to BAN inefficient light bulbs! Greenpeace have the story – Ireland agrees to ban the bulb by 2009 – which basically says:-

” The Irish government announced today that, as part of its national Carbon budget, the old-style power hungry bulbs will be banned from 2009. Greenpeace congratulates the Ireland on its decision to lead the world in this simple but essential step in tackling climate change.”They rightly go on to ask the question, “Why is the UK lagging behind on this?” Anyone got any idea? It’s particularly interesting since even the French have woken up and are talking about a ban by 2010.

Greenpeace say:-

” Unsurprisingly bulb manufacturers such as Philps, GE and Osram are lobbying hard to be allowed to produce incandescent bulbs until 2019. Yet every year of delay in ‘banning the bulb’ will see Europe unnecessarily pumping 20 million tonnes of climate-changing carbon dioxide into the air – something we just can’t afford to be doing if we are serious about tackling climate change.”

All of which makes for pretty stark reading.

So what price a ban on ordinary bulbs in NI by 2009? And.. can anyone explain to me which energy saving accouterment I need to replace my 60 watt wastrel thingymegig that gives me the light I need!!??



2 Responses to Ireland agrees to ban the bulb by 2009

  1. catch42 says:

    This is a case of implied concern by the Government. It wont make any significant difference to Global Warming but it makes them look like they are doing something. The main cause of Global Warming is overpopulation. The population of the world in 1900 was 1.7 Billion it is now 6.7 billion and rising by 50,000 an hour. The obvious implications of having an extra 5 Billion people using machinery, demanding food and generally using energy like oil and coal is the real problem. Population control is the only solution.

  2. Catherine Butler says:

    The new light bulbs do not give enough light especially for older people.
    The light is so bad that besides not being able to see it causes depression.

    I have no problem if the quality of the light can be improved.



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