10001 Santas…. 13000 Turn up!

Well done… well done well done!

Congratulations to all the Santas who stood on the Derry walls in absolutely terrible weather to achieve the World record!

The good old beeb has the full story here.. but only Martin Mullan and the other organisers know what it has taken to achieve this Guinness World Record.


All we can say is…. well done.. well done well done…..10001 times well done!


And you can still donate to the 4 worthwhile charities – CHILDREN IN CROSSFIRE , FOYLE HOSPICE , iCARE 4 AUTISM and MACMILLAN CANCER SUPPORT by visiting the 10001 Santas website.



Among the thousands of intrepid Santas raising money for charity were Derry’s up and coming rock sensation Organized Confusion – re-christened for the day Organized Clausfusion!

Ben, Ryan, Kieran and Niall….. the bearded wonders of rock! Well… it is important to get a good disguise if you’re going to be as famous as these guys!!

Organized Confusion

PS: All the above photos are by one of our TalkNI staff photographers but take a wee gleek at the Derry Journal slideshow of the event as well. Nice one!


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