The arts in Northern Ireland are in danger of dying from neglect!

from KeepOurArtsAlive.Com

Keepourartsalive is a campaign by the arts sector and the Arts Council of Northern Ireland From Keepourartsalive.comto improve the outcome for the arts through the NI Draft Budget 2008-2011 public consultation phase, which closes on 4th January 2008.

The people of Northern Ireland deserve the same cultural entitlements as their neighbours on these islands. This campaign aims to pressure the NI Executive to redress the historical funding deficit and to grant Northern Ireland broad parity of funding with the rest of the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

This website offers you the tools and information you will need to support our artists and arts organisations in their campaign for an urgently-needed increase in arts funding in Northern Ireland.

Please make your voice heard by writing now to the Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister (OFMDFM) or by attending one of the public consultation meetings – and help us to keep our arts alive.

And, a further opportunity to show your support our local art organisations and artists…

On the (Free) Bus to Demand a Better Budget

Monday 10th December 2007, 10.30am, Stormont, Belfast

The arts sector is calling all artists, arts groups and supporters to gather at Carson’s statue at Stormont on Monday 10th December 2007 at 10.30am, to make a public call for increased arts funding. A letter will be handed to the MLAs at 11.00am.

Two Ulsterbus buses will pick up as follows and return via the same routes, leaving Stormont at 1pm and arriving back at the Guildhall at 3.00pm-3.30pm.

Route 1
7.30am – Depart Derry, Guildhall Square
8.00am – pick-up Dungiven, Belfast Bus Stop, Top of the town
8.45am – pick-up Magherafelt, Castledawson roundabout
9.00am – pick-up Toombridge, Toom by-pass
10.00am – Arrive Stormont

Route 2
7.00am – Depart Derry, Guildhall Square
7.30am – pick-up Strabane, Bus depot
8.00am – pick-up Omagh, Bus depot
9.00am – pick-up Dungannon, Bus depot
10.00am – Arrive Stormont

**PLEASE NOTE: Places are strictly limited to 49 seats on each bus.

Seats are available only by contacting

To book a seat, please email the following information to
1. your name
2. on which Route you would like to travel
3. at which bus stop you would like to be picked up.

We will send an email confirming your booking, which you should present to the driver on embarkation, to the first 49 takers on each route.

For more on the Rally go to and Click on the Fish


3 Responses to The arts in Northern Ireland are in danger of dying from neglect!

  1. Arty says:

    What a great idea! But why a Monday? So many of us support the Arts but can’t nab a day of work to support this rally – love to but can’t afford to – why not run another event on a Saturday? You’ll get more support for the arty public!

  2. aislingdoherty says:

    Yes I agree – a Saturday Rally would get more support from the poor struggling artists who can’t afford to take the time out of the 9-5 to support the cause. (myself included)

  3. CyberScribe says:

    I think Monday is chosen in the hope of actually getting MLA’s to listen, or read what they have to say. From the previous work history of MLA’s I’d reckon even suggesting that they call up at what I used to call ‘The White Elephant’ on a Saturday may jeopardise the entire future of the country. Imagine the MLA’s working 6 days a week.

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