Trump that….

What a load of cobblers! Sometimes you can spot a hype a million miles away and this story on the BBC is one of them!

Trump considering NI golf complex says the BBC but….. I am willing to bet that old Trump is just playing off one grant provider against another. Now there is no doubt that you could take any old piece of ground in The image “ Antrim and trump (!!) anything Scotland has to offer… but… if anyone believes that our Donald will switch to Northern Ireland for this development after spending time and money over a couple of years deciding on..(ouch) .. Menie Estate near Balmedie, Aberdeenshire .. well, frankly, YOU is living in cloud cuckoo land!

Of course, if Ian and Martin get the TRUMP card.. I will be very happy to see a golf course built overlooking the Giant’s Causeway.. complete with 1500 swanky houses adorning the cliff walkway and ALL the proceeds going to fat-cat company Trump and corporate America. Won’t you?


One Response to Trump that….

  1. catch42 says:

    Good call, now the Scots will panic at losing the investment and Trump will get his Golf Course in Scotland as planned, but he probably will be able to squeeze a few more concessions from them because of the “competition”. If Ireland had ever been a possibility he would have gone South and taken advantage of the tax concessions.

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