Catch42 writes:-


I know this is controversial, but I have definitive proof. According to WIKIPEDIA, today, Rev “Ian Paisley was a ira member(sic) in Armagh.”


What a revelation , it all makes sense now! Martin and Ian getting on swimmingly while the rest of us thought they were bitter lifelong enemies????

I knew it all along, all the pieces have just now fallen into place. What a cunning plan?

“Well Martin, how are we going to take over the Country”

“I don’t know Big Ian. What about we pretend to be bitter enemies and cause chaos for 30 years and then everybody will be delighted when we make up?”

“hmmmmm Marty, its a bit of a long shot but sure we can give it a go anyway”

WIKIPEDIA also says that Ms Caitriona Ruane MLA, Minister for Education, was a professional tennis player who organised Carnivals….. well, actually that’s true.

By the way……

WIKIPEDIA says Conor Murphy, Minister for Social Development, was a former IRA member who was sentenced to 5 years for IRA membership and possessing explosives…… Apparently that’s true as well.

WIKIPEDIA says Edwin Poots Minister for Culture is a farmer……. hmmmmmm that’s true also.

Seriously though, can we believe anything we read on the Internet. According to toggle spellchecker “WIKIPEDIA” isn’t actually a word, but some interesting alternatives were offered including WARPED and WICKED….. That toggle spell checker is smarter that I thought!

It might be interesting to start a list of duff Internet “knowledge”!


4 Responses to PAISLEY WAS IN IRA!

  1. CyberScribe says:

    Thanks, Catch42. It all makes sense now 🙂

  2. Sniggles says:

    Why are we not surprised by this revelation !!! and yes it does make sense.

  3. AmericanEvangelical says:

    Are you kidding Me? You guys are full of Cow patties. Where is the evidence of this?
    If this is true them I’m a monkey’ uncle….

  4. Irish Disbeliever says:

    What… you don’t believe everything that Wikipedia says? Shame…shame … shame on you!


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