Road Deaths

Northern Ireland is reeling to day from a black weekend on the roads as six people die in four different road accidents. This BBC report – Six die in carnage on NI roads – has all the details as they are presently know but it cars.gifcannot convey the pain of those families left without loved ones. The latest deaths bring the number of people killed on Northern Ireland’s roads this year to a total of 97.

The toll of deaths and serious injuries continues to grow on our roads. Our thoughts are obviously with the latest victims in this continuing tragedy but we have to ask:

Is there no way to stop the carnage?

Can we continue to pack more and more cars onto our out-dated road structure andexpect not to have serious accidents?

How can our roads be made safer for all users?

What would you do?


2 Responses to Road Deaths

  1. ernie brown says:

    I have just spent a month in ulster on holiday driving in every part of the province. I found that generally driving habits where very good, except for a few motorcyclists who took chances. road surfaces where great. no potholes, and well marked and signposted. In to big of a hurry is a cause of accidents everywhere and ‘better roads’ will not make them go away. I live on the prairies where the roads are straight and flat but still accidents happen to sum up, its the drivers not the roads.

  2. sam hewitt says:

    Roads are not dangerous but HOW PEOPLE USE THEM TO DRIVE TO FAST

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