Police are looking for….

Love this story from Reuters!

Thief makes off with 180 Guinness kegs – basically guys wanders into the place where Guinness is made and makes off with loads of the black stuff and some other rubbish as well! Or.. as Jonathan Saul tells it for Reuters:-

guinness.jpgA thief made off with 180 kegs of Guinness beer after smoothly driving into the Dublin brewery which makes the black stout and snatching a trailer load of drink, police said on Thursday.

The incident took place on Wednesday at the Guinness brewery on the banks of Dublin’s River Liffey where Ireland’s trademark tipple has been brewed for almost 250 years.

The lone raider’s haul also contained 180 kegs of Budweiser and 90 barrels of Carlsberg lager, police said.

“A man drove into the yard in a truck and took a trailer containing the drink which has an estimated value of 64,000 euros (46.000 pounds),” a police spokesman said.

Rumour has it that the police are looking for a very thirsty Irishman who has issued invitations to the world’s greatest free drink happy hour! Apparently, Carlsberg don’t do happy hours but if they did they’d serve Guinness!! 🙂

Garda SĂ­ochána na hÉireann have vowed to test every pint in Dublin to see if any of the missing pints can be found…….. or, indeed, if any matching the missing drink’s descriptions can be identified.


One Response to Police are looking for….

  1. catch42 says:

    This is the best thing that ever happened to Guinness, it could even be a very clever marketing ploy (probably not though) but, look at the advertising generated for a paltry 64,000 euro. Covered in all TV NEWS SHOWS, Newspapers, websites and blogs. How would 64k euro compare to the millions spent on their excellent and artistic advertising campaign. Maybe there will be a load of copy cat heists, Murphys Stout people are probably sitting in the brewery right now with a truck loaded up with 800 kegs and their fingers crossed that somebody will steal it.

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