Connect2: Going for £3.15 Million for NI!

Received this from Joanne McCartan McLaughlin over at CONNECT2…. very interesting!

I need you to VOTE and pass this on to all your friends and connections and anyone you think might be able to help get NI some votes…. ok!?



WWW.THEPEOPLES50MILLION.ORG.UK is where you can vote NOW until 10th December.

(note: you will have to REGISTER in order to vote but that only takes 2 minutes. It needs a valid email address!)


Have you ever wondered what life would be like if we were able to travel in ways that improved your health and the environment? We’d have safer communities, cleaner air and a better quality of life.

Sustrans’ Connect2 project is a real chance to achieve this in your area. The project aims to improve local travel in 79 communities around the UK by creating new walking and cycling networks for your everyday journeys.

By means of bridges, tunnels and other crossings, Connect2 will overcome barriers like busy roads, rivers and railways so you can get to where you want to go by foot or bike. With each new crossing linking to a local network of walking and cycling routes, you’ll have direct access to your local schools, shops and work, as well as green spaces.

Local travel will become healthier, safer and more enjoyable for everyone, whether it is children cycling to school, commuters traveling to work, older people enjoying a walk, parents out and about with pushchairs, or families enjoying a day out together.

Locally, Connect2 will improve people’s quality of life, but in combination all the schemes will establish a new way of encouraging high levels of walking and cycling, acting as a national catalyst for achieving healthy, environmentally-friendly travel.

Connect2 will be a blueprint for enabling people to reconnect to the places they want to go in a greener and healthier way, transforming communities into places in which people can take real pride.

Around 6 million people live within a mile of the 79 Connect2 projects.

The money will be spent on Connect2’s 79 projects all over the UK, including 6 in Northern Ireland.

· Strabane, River Mourne Bridge and links;
. Ballymoney Railway Bridge and Links
· Omagh Riverside path and new bridges;
· Newtownabbey to Belfast Lough;
· Dungannon Park Connections;
· Derry~Londonderry, greenway and cycle path links

Each Connect2 scheme will be inspirational in design but sensitive to the character and needs of the local area. The project will create attractive and welcoming networks of walking and cycling routes and intends to work with local people and organisations to create an environment in which you can take real pride.

By building bridges and new crossings over barriers such as busy roads, rivers and railway lines, Connect2 will connect people to the places they want to go.

How will it benefit the UK?
Connect2 aims to change the lives of people of all ages across the UK – cyclists, commuters, schoolchildren, the elderly, leisure walkers, and wheelchair users – by offering improved and sustainable transport links in areas that really need them.


So.. thanks Joanne… and what’s keeping you? Why are you still reading here? Have you voted yet?

🙂 🙂

Need more… here are the Northern Ireland schemes – in NO particular order!

Derry~Londonderry, greenway and cycle path links

Project photograph

Project photograph

This scheme will connect the east and west sides of Derry~Londonderry by building a series of greenways and linking paths for pedestrians and cyclists which will converge on a proposed new foot and cycle bridge across the River Foyle. The planned network of paths will provide direct access to the Walled City and its amenities, as well as to the regenerated spaces of Ebrington and St Columb’s Park.


Strabane, River Mourne Bridge and links

Project photograph

Project photograph

This most vital crossing of the Mourne River will prioritise the movement of walkers and cyclists across the river by way of a shared walking and cycle bridge. A truly landmark structure, the bridge will provide a safe and attractive alternative to the narrow and busy shared-use road bridge which currently exists. High quality linking routes on either side will make this crossing easily accessible to local people and will promote sustainable transport as the most sensible option for localised travel. With a new amalgamated school development planned on the southern bank, the bridge will provide opportunities for many new school journeys also.


Omagh Riverside path and new bridges

Project photograph

Project photograph

Former Ministry of Defence land close to the town centre, in a prime location, is soon to be vacated and opened up for development. A unique opportunity for future transport and recreation planning is presented here with the proposal to create an attractive riverside cycle and walking amenity linking with the town centre. With proposed connecting priority walking and cycle links to urban and suburban residential areas, many will benefit from this new ‘green space’ amenity.


Newtownabbey to Belfast Lough

Project photograph

Project photograph

This is an excellent urban greenway proposal with some real challenges to overcome. It aims to reach communities either side of the attractive Three Mile Water, before dropping under a memorable cluster of railway viaducts and bridges to meet the existing promenade along Belfast Lough.


Dungannon Park Connections

Project photograph

Project photograph

This is a most beautiful park, centred on an idyllic lake and looked after with great devotion. This scheme will create two green threads out into the south and west of the town allowing residents to Connect2 the park on their doorstep.


Ballymoney Railway Bridge and links

Project photograph

Project photograph

This route will create a promenade from the leisure centre on the south side of town to the town centre, making use of the Riverside Park green corridor along the way. The focus of the route will be a new bridge over the railway. The real challenge is to draw the station towards the town and make the approach to the shops and the schools an attractive experience.


Need more!? Want to help out? Then make your voice heard by voting, airing your views here or contact the project:

Sustrans, Connect2

08450 581 373


2 Responses to Connect2: Going for £3.15 Million for NI!

  1. Hi Martin – Many many many thanks for helping to promote this very worthy project!! The feature looks great!!

    Hi Everyone – As the only entrant based in Northern Ireland, your vote for Connect2 is vital!!! Please visit http://www.thepeoples50million to cast your vote. Thank you!!

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