Broadcasters to launch joint on-demand service…. eh??

This headline is a must draw for anyone who has a wee interest in the wacky-backy… but they are going to be way way disappointed by the content… have a read and pop back!

Broadcasters to launch joint on-demand service | Technology | Reuters

monitor.jpgSee..? If you were imaging that the government had rolled over and decided to supply the weed just anytime you wanted it then ….boy did you get a disappointment reading that article!

But it is about another drug… the use of which is even more serious and dangerous to our society – television!

Come on… who needs ANOTHER 10,000 hours of TV programming available on the net? What we have already on the airways is pretty darned bad, being very restrained here, and I cannot see any reason to weigh the net down with another 10,000 hours of total tosh.

Maybe if these companies spent our money on making some decent programmes the viewing figures would rise and then they would not need to be constantly chasing dwindling markets. Eh?

Right… off me soap box now……


One Response to Broadcasters to launch joint on-demand service…. eh??

  1. CyberScribe says:

    I heard yer man Gerard Michael Anderson on the auld wireless this morning saying something like he reckons there’ll be no television in the future and that anything you want to watch will be online. He went on to search YouTube for a film requested by Seanny boy and sure enough found it in about 30 seconds. Maybe he’s right and maybe the government are right .

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