What is it? – 2

Regular readers of this website will be fully aware that my garden is a constant source of amazement to me! Why? Well ..you see …I try to go there as infrequently as possible and only when the weeds need knocking down! Anyway.. to cut a potentially long story short.. when I do go there I am constantly amazed by my gardening skills! While other gardens, courtesy of their tended lawns and such, look pristine all year round mine has that ah… natural feel. So many strive for this look but only a pure gardening genius such as I can achieve the look effortlessly.

And so give you the latest product of my labours.

What the hell is it?!


…..Yes.. I’ve figured out it’s a mushroom and regular readers will remember my last great mushroom journey – What is it!!???? – that revealed some edible fungi in my garden thanks to encyclopedic knowledge of David Mitchell over at The Northern Ireland Fungus Group: http://www.nifg.org.uk

But what it is… there are more sprouting every day! This one looks ghostly dangerous and menacingly …may be inhabited…….



One Response to What is it? – 2

  1. This is the very common and very edible Shaggy Ink Cap, Coprinus comatus. Eat it quick while young and it turns into an inky liquid which used to used as ink for writing once upon a time.

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