Classroom Assistants Strike: the parents’ view.

Regular readers of Talk Northern Ireland will be well aware of our long running coverage of the NIPSA classroom assistants strike – here if you missed it. In that item reading3.gifclassroom assistants have poured forth their feelings about the failing of the employers to settle this industrial action. If you have not read this yet then you should.

But there is another side to this story, a side that is pulling at the heart strings of both the assistants and the public. That side, of course, is the story of the children caught up in the dispute. Parents are finding it hard to see their children deprived of specialist help and the classroom assistants are distraught at the impact their actions are having on the children they look after each day.

It’s time we found out a little about their plight. So this item exists to allow parents to tell how this strike is impacting on the children. Perhaps, just perhaps, the stories you tell here might help this strike to be resolved.

So… come on. Tell us about your experience of this strike.


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