Doh… makes you wonder why?

So here I sit with some “bulky items” that have outlived their family usage and, indeed, their useful life. To whit, one twenty-two year old bed and one twenty year old sitting room suite. Now, when the new stuff arrives I ring the local council and ask them to pop down with a lorry and collect the bulky items as per their stated collection procedure – which I had thoroughly investigated on their website, accessed (blowing own trumpet here 😉 ) from Talk Northern Ireland’s growing resource page — Useful NI Contacts!

Now here’s a quick quiz for you. Was I told:-

a) Certainly, sir, we shall collect that to-day.
b) Certainly, sir, we shall collect that to-morrow.
c) Certainly, sir, we shall collect that on Friday week.

All… voted? Made your guess?

If you said (c) you are absolutely correct. (round of applause)

Now, don’t get me wrong. I think that is pretty quick for a collection and it will definitely save my aching back so I’m ever so grateful for the service. But I think I may have spotted one of the reasons for things like this:-

fridge.jpgYou see this is a fridge I noticed hiding in some undergrowth beside the beautiful River Faughan. At the time, I remarked that someone was very foolish because all they really had to do was lift the phone, call the council and this problem could have been dealt with in an environmentally friendly way.

But, to-day, I realised that the owner of said fridge probably called said council and was told it would be Friday week before the “bulky item” could be lifted. At which point said owner, now throughly frustrated, shanghaied a couple of passing wide boys to take the fridge to the dump. The self same wide boys promptly took the money, dumped the fridge in a quiet spot and headed for the nearest pub! Householder thinks they have sorted their problem and the yahoos have added another rusting wreck to the environment to leak toxins into the river.

Of course, I can’t be certain that this is the story of the fridge. For all I know it was washed downstream after a massive domestic flooding incident upstream. But I know I’m mightily frustrated with old “bulky items” cluttering up the place and I suspect that not everyone’s spouse would be as understanding as mine was when I explained that the crush in the living room would last for at least another 8 days! I suspect, that the fly dumping solution would have been adopted by some and it only takes a few people to take the “easy” route and we have a major pollution problem.

So here’s a suggestion to all local councils – set your target of lifting “bulky items” from householders to job accomplished within 24 hours. That way you might, just might, find you have less to clean up from our beauty spots! I may be wrong here but as a suggestion it must be worth trying.

Now.. I’m off to move this extra settee outa the way so that I can see the evening news… if I’m not back online by tomorrow then you’ll know I failed!


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