Money, Money, Money.

It seemed like an eternity. The people of Northern Ireland had voted and the people they voted for, instead of working together in government, avoided each other. money1.jpgThese MLA’s were paid for and received, a song by Dire Straits springs to mind, money for nothing.

Now they, the money for nothing MLA’s, seem to want to change the lyrics to Money For No One.

Young People
Northern Irish ministers have been accused of delivering “a kick in the teeth” to youth workers by proposing a massive budget cut.

The Arts
Northern Ireland’s cultural industry has been left reeling by the announcement of further cuts in its funding, which arts council chairman Rosemary Kelly has said is “tantamount to sounding a death knell over large areas of arts activity” in the region.

What’s next, health? Maybe, education?

I reckon that money paid a large part in finally getting the two main Northern Irish political parties back to work. Maybe money will again play a major part in the ‘peace process’ and when the people vote again they’ll not vote for the politicians who are presently announcing all these cuts.



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